September 24, 2020

2 Bedroom Single Wide Mobile Homes

When it comes to 2-bedroom single wide mobile homes, the selection is smaller, yet they can be perfect for folks that just need a smaller house. The smaller square footage saves on purchase and utility costs, makes cleaning easier, and keeps life a little simpler than in a giant house. 

 You can see our full list of two-bedroom single wide mobile homes here. They vary from 765 – 868 square feet and one home we have even has two bathrooms. They consistently have an open concept for the kitchen, dining, and living area to help make the homes feel bigger.

(Side note, if you want something even smaller, you can check out this one-bedroom mobile home.)

Tru Home Bliss model mobile home kitchen living room

Our most popular two-bedroom home is the Tru Homes Delight. It weighs in at 820 square feet contains two full bathrooms. Having two bathrooms is really helpful if  you have someone in both bedrooms or if you like to entertain guests often.

Tru Homes also makes a single bathroom version of its two-bedroom mobile home. This home is only 765 square feet and is the least expensive home we sell.

Want an alternative to Tru? The Fleetwood Berkshire model 16562b mobile home is our largest two-bedroom home, coming in at 868 square feet. Like our most popular two-bedroom mobile home, this Fleetwood home also has two full baths, but it has available a “Dream Kitchen” upgrade with stainless steel appliances, a larger fridge, and a microwave above the stove.

These homes are most popular with individuals and couples where you don’t have to worry about extra bedrooms for a gaggle of kids. Why have a giant home if you don’t need the space? 

We are sure you will appreciate any of these two-bedroom homes. Our available homes list changes constantly and some folks find a small, three-bedroom home suits them just as well as a two-bedroom home, so be sure to check out our full list of homes when you are ready to move into your new home. You can take an online tour today or feel free to call our phone number for additional information at 210-510-0500.

Fleetwood Berkshire 16562b kitchen and living room