man making mobile home more energy-efficient by adding new insulation.
March 30, 2023

Are Today’s Mobile Homes Energy-Efficient?

While many people may have an opinion on the matter, you may be wondering for yourself, are the mobile homes of today energy-efficient?

Living in a mobile home used to mean having the same or higher electric and gas bills as a traditional site-built home. However, thanks to advancements in technology and manufacturing processes, the energy efficiency of mobile homes has improved

So, are today’s mobile homes energy-efficient? The short answer is YES, and we’re here to explain why! 

Construction of Mobile Homes

Today’s mobile homes have made a name for themselves through their designs, materials, and, most importantly, how they are constructed in a controlled environment. There is now a greater emphasis on sustainability, recycling, and reducing material waste. These factors have all increased the energy efficiency of these homes. 

A mobile home that is Energy Star certified is cheaper to build than a traditional house. Your utility bills will also be lower, your home will maintain a consistent level of comfort when it comes to temperature and has government backing.

Fixtures & Energy Star Appliances

Appliances and household fixtures have also improved. Energy Star-certified appliances and water-saving toilets are just a few of the energy-saving features that are changing the game.

Of course, when combined with energy-efficient CFLs and LED lighting/fixtures, your home’s energy efficiency can reduce your energy consumption by 50% to 75%.

You’ve probably noticed that almost every appliance now comes with the Energy Star option. This may include your stove, washing machine, dryer, and even your sink faucets and shower head. So, having more energy-efficient sources and home equipment, your mobile home is likely to be way more energy-efficient than you thought possible! 

Heating & Cooling

Energy efficiency is also integrated into heating and cooling systems. Today’s mobile homes have some of the most advanced heating and cooling systems available, including smart thermostats by standard. The technology allows mobile homeowners to automatically lower their home’s temperature when they don’t need it as high, and prioritize only when it is needed the most. That being said, even if you do not have an updated A/C model, it is very simple to make your mobile home catch up with the rest.

Making your home more comfortable can be easily achieved with low-cost exterior shading, window film, and moisture control in your crawlspace. When your home maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature, you are less likely to blast the air conditioner for long periods in the summer. You won’t have to run the heat constantly in the winter, either! There is no need to panic if you own an older manufactured home. Your home can be made more energy-efficient with a few minor changes!

Today’s Mobile Homes are Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency

By now, you probably see that today’s mobile homes are energy-efficient in many ways. So if you haven’t already, you may want to consider a mobile home for yourself! Between the energy efficiency that can save you money over time, the general affordability, and the customization options, you aren’t being deprived by any means of the ultimate home ownership experience! 

With that being said, if you are ready to start looking at mobile homes and have more questions about the industry, speak with a member at Braustin Homes today! We are looking forward to getting you into your dream home! 

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