Braustin Homes Virtual Mobile Home Buying
March 3, 2021

We have Mobile Homes for Sale in Texas, but Let’s Make it Virtual!

Before I started working at Braustin, if someone were to ask me generally about mobile homes for sale in Texas, I wouldn’t have known where to start. Usually when I don’t have an exact answer for something, I deflect by telling a story that is fitting to the topic. I may have started by looking back on my childhood and reminiscing on visiting my Papa at his “lake house,” which I now know was a mobile home by Lake Livingston.

As a kid, we see everything as big, exciting, and wonderful! At least I did! I looked forward to spending time with my Papa every summer because the only rule was, there were no rules. How cool is that!? That meant we could stay up late eating snacks, wake up before the sun to go fishing, get dirty and wash off with a water hose, and do it all over again the next day and the next!

I loved that lake house and will cherish those memories for the rest of my life. Memories that I now get to use as motivation, as a Braustin Homes employee. With the technology we have today, as the Nation’s 1st Virtual Mobile Home Dealership, we are able to help families every single day become one step closer to making these types of memories with their loved ones.

But how does all of this work, you might ask? Well, I’d be happy to tell you!

Can I Really Buy A Mobile Home Online?

When you think about what you order online these days, you’d probably list off a couple common items like bulk office supplies, grocery orders, and last second gifts to be delivered to a friend for their birthday. Let’s be honest, the list is truly endless at this point, pretty much everything is accessible online. But would you ever guess that you can essentially go through the same process to purchase a mobile home for sale in Texas?

If you asked me a couple of months ago, I may have been a bit skeptical. But knowing what I know now, the answer is YES – ABSOLUTELY YES! 10 out of 10 – I would definitely recommend!

To think that in just a couple of clicks you can find a home for your family to move into, all from the comforts of your couch, just as you would if you were shopping for sporting equipment on Amazon for your kid’s upcoming tryouts. It is truly that easy!

No access to a computer, or have a phone without internet connection? No Problem! We’ve got your back! You can also buy a home just by giving us a call! Our friendly Sales Team would be happy to walk you through the process, and answer any questions you may have along the way!

How Does Buying Online Work?

To make the online experience as user friendly and clear as possible, we list all our home prices! We even have a fun tool that can be used to calculate a free estimate that includes selected upgrades and delivery costs. Touring each home is just as cool! All our homes feature a 3D virtual tour!

Now, this doesn’t mean 3D as in it will POP out at you from your screen! Not at all. This 3D experience is a helpful tool that guides you and your family through each home! Click by click, you can check out the closet space in each room, change angles to view at different perspectives, and essentially explore the homes room by room just like you would when using that little yellow guy on Google Maps!

I sometimes find myself testing our 3D tours just for fun here at work, but don’t tell anyone I said that… That secret is just between you and I. Top Secret Information, just kidding! We have fun here. And we always want to make sure that your experience on our site is just as enjoyable!

With that being said, we also want our customers to feel comfortable. Providing information in the form of blogs, videos, social media content, and email newsletters, for Braustin – education comes first! We want each of our customers to have the opportunity to window shop and read or watch our information-based content at their convenience. No pressure to contact, or speak to anyone right away, but when the customer is ready, we are here to answer any potential questions that they may have. We even have answers for questions that our customers may not know to ask.

Following that initial conversation, if the buyer is ready to move forward, it’s GO TIME!

This is the part where it’s time to get finances in order. You can check out our blogs here and here for more in-depth detail on the loan process, but the point to remember is Braustin looks to the bank for answers, we don’t preemptively check your credit, and will stay in contact to check in regularly should you be unable to buy right away.

Clayton Athens mobile home model Nellie kitchen view 11
View this home.

Deciding on a Home

At Braustin, the options are virtually endless! This might be best part of the process besides move-in day! Deciding on a home for your family! How exciting is that?! Think of the memories you’ll have the potential to make in your future home. Before I start tearing up, let’s get into what to expect during this process!

The most important part of a home purchase – aside from the price – is obviously the home itself, right? We aren’t looking to just sell whatever the most expensive model is, in fact, I don’t know that a single person here would be able to sleep at night if they lead with that pushy tactic. Instead, our goal is to help buyers decide on the mobile home they really need for their family and lifestyle. Our Specialists will ask questions about how you go about daily life, how many people will be living in the home, whether you cook or tend to eat out, and anything else that helps narrow down the home that is best for your situation. Truly customizing your home based on your routine all while staying within the comfort of your budget.

We understand that at times it can be easy to become distracted when buying a home by the color of walls, tile finishes, and bathroom fixtures, but our team is trained to keep your eye on what will really matter while living in the home. Finishes are a lot easier to change than the number of bedrooms.

Once you’ve decided on a mobile home, your designated Sales Specialist will send the order to the factory, they will build it, and the delivery will be scheduled directly from the factory. All updates on the home will be tracked and reported to you on a regular basis, keeping you always in-the-know!

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What about the Paperwork?

Everyone knows home buying means a lot of paperwork. So, what happens to all of that paperwork if the home is purchased online?

Introducing the Braustin App!

For all the paperwork the bank requires before approving a loan, you can use your smart phone to “scan” the documents, essentially just taking a straight-on photo and uploading it to the app, which sends it straight to the Braustin team. From there it is simply transferred to the bank.

Currently, when it comes time for signing the loan contract, you’ll print the documents from your email, sign them, and we will send you a shipping label to get them mailed back to us. We will soon have a feature available that will allow you to sign electronically. We are constantly updating our online process to ensure the ease of the overall experience!

BH Customer Reviews

How do I Know Braustin is Legit?

Unfortunately, fraudulent activity online is all too common these days. The best way to find out about the legitimacy of any company is to simply read through the reviews. You can find reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google, or social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Reviews will tell you not only if a person was scammed, but also how well a company followed through on the promises made.

We are so proud of our customer reviews, that we feature them throughout our site. It’s always so nice to hear back from our homeowners. It can be quite interesting to hear their unique experiences told from their perspective, so much so that we even created an entire page for customer testimonials.

From the beginning, we’ve set out to be a few steps above and apart from the rest. If we copied and pasted every other dealership’s way of doing things, the change we are seeking within the industry simply wouldn’t exist like it does now.

Just because a company technically provides the item or service that they said they would, doesn’t mean it was made any more pleasant or easy by the provider. We all know what it’s like speaking to the cable company, being given a vast window of time of when the technician can come service your home, and eventually – after waiting around most of the day, they finally show up to install your service. Yes, you may have gotten what you paid for, but the process was unfavorable. Now you’re stuck with that service for at least a year…

The bare minimum will never be our level of service.

Of course, we can tell you our story time and time again, but what’s even better is hearing it first-hand from our homeowners. You know what, scratch that – our Braustin Family Members! That’s how close we become in this process, and that’s how we welcome each potential buyer, just like family!

Yes, You Can Buy a Mobile Home Online!

Now, if someone were to ask me about mobile homes for sale in Texas, as an employee at Braustin, I’d be very excited to gab on and on about it. The fact that we can reach families across Texas, virtually, opens our doors even wider! And soon enough, we will have dealerships in surrounding states, and eventually nationwide. We will be delivering and servicing homes of families both near and far in no time at all, thanks to the motivation of our growing team, and the great advances in technology.

So, yes, yes, YES! You can absolutely buy a mobile home online.

And for those who don’t feel this is an option for them, we’ve got you covered as well! We currently have a beautiful dealership located outside of San Antonio, TX, and a few more that will be opening later this year. Safety and ease are always top of mind for our guests. We have masks and sanitizer available upon entry, and our helpful Housing Consultants will guide you through the touring process from there. To view a helpful video on what to expect while visiting our homes, feel free to watch this video.

Braustin’s goal is to Bring Trust Back to Mobile Homes. We do not require credit application “fees,” unnecessary credit pulls, or try to convince you to spend more money than you have. We’re looking to provide a great product, customer experience, and a future full of beautiful memories for you and your family to cherish for a lifetime.

So that’s it: We have Mobile Homes for Sale in Texas, but Let’s Make it Virtual! This blog has been revised to keep information and images previously shared, current. Follow the links in this page to read more information on each topic. We would love to chat with you or hear about your experience on our Facebook page or through our Contact Form.