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January 13, 2022

Double Wide Trailer Homes

Yes, we have Double Wide Trailer Homes for Sale. You can see our full selection of Double Wides with prices on our Shop page, but if you just want to know more about Double Wide Trailer Homes, we have quite the story for you!

Where Do Double Wide Trailers Come From?

In the build-up to World War II, factories needed a lot of workers, fast, but the communities lacked nearby housing for all the workers coming in from rural America. The country needed a solution as fast as they needed those workers while getting ready for war.

The solution became using these trailers.

After the war, there was a housing shortage when the soldiers came home and married the love of their life. During the Great Depression and the war, not a lot of new homes were built, so when the families were formed and ready to be on their own, there was no place for them to stay.

Woodlawn Courts Bloomington Indiana
Woodlawn Courts, Bloomington, Indiana, 1946, (Image Courtesy Indiana University Archives)

The answer came as temporary housing in the form of house trailers or travel trailers.

For several years after World War II, many families had their start in these trailer homes. They are not like the trailer homes of today (a.k.a. mobile homes or manufactured homes), but more like the pull behind travel trailers folks use for going camping in current times. 

Want some trivia?

In some areas of the country, manufactured homes are still called “carriage homes” because these trailers were known as “carriages” back in the day. Some mobile home dealers still have “carriage” in their name because of the local use of “carriage homes” versus trailer homes.

Pretty neat, right? Now you know!

Travel Trailers began as tents on platforms mounted to wheels, then grew to have sides, and the first travel trailer, like the ones we have today, was first built in 1928, just before the Great Depression hit.

These trailers were popular enough that 400 companies started building them in the 30’s despite the Depression, though interesting factoid, Airstream is the only one of those early companies that is still around today.

Well, from that humble start we get the modern day manufactured home industry and later modular homes.

Some folks decided to make the homes nicer and make them “real homes,” which eventually led to the trailer homes or manufactured homes that we are more familiar with. In the 1950’s, they were all single wide homes, but they were growing in length, allowing enough room for a family to live comfortably.

From Single Wide to Double Wide

Trailer homes started as just small, temporary housing. They were long, narrow homes since they were easy to make complete in a factory.

In 1961, Roadliner Company introduced the first “Double Wide.”

Roadliner’s “Dubl-Wide” homes weren’t two section homes, but one section popped out of the main section, giving you a wider house. Eventually, manufacturers built Double Wide Trailer Homes in two sections and joined them together on the home site.

Where is my Double Wide Trailer Today?

Double Wide Trailers were more commonly known as Double Wide Mobile Homes until legislation in 1978 renamed these units as Double Wide “Manufactured Homes.”

Honestly, most folks still use “Mobile Home.”

You can look up on Google and find folks search for “Mobile Homes” three to four times more often than they look for “Manufactured Homes” and eight to ten times more often than they look for “trailer homes.” 

Google Trends Screenshot comparing Mobile Homes Manufactured Homes and Trailer Homes

Of course, we don’t care what you call them, as long as you call them home.

Trailer homes have gotten more durable, better insulated, and a whole lot bigger than where they started. You can still get some relatively simple Double Wide Trailers, but you can also get some “luxury” trailer homes too.

Like we said, feel free to check out our Double Wide Trailers with Prices beginning on our shop page. When you check out an individual trailer, you can also get an estimate that includes delivery, setup, air conditioning, and upgrades.

Enjoy exploring the trailers we have available!

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