slice of freedom for a mobile home
February 6, 2023

How to Find Your Own Slice of Freedom

So, you’ve found the mobile home of your dreams, but now the next step; finding your own slice of freedom to place it on!

However, with all the considerations that need to be made for mobile homeowners, things can get pretty overwhelming. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding the perfect slice of freedom for your new mobile home. We’ve got you covered!

The Perfect Slice of Land Gives You Freedom

When searching for land to put your mobile home on, there are many considerations to be made. We’ve comprised a list of things to pay attention to when you are looking for that perfect slice of freedom:

1. Lot Size

Your plot must be large enough to accommodate your manufactured home. This is a workable area within the plot, not just the plot size.

2. Utilities

Determine whether or not utilities are available on the property (electrical, water, sewer, gas.)  If not, determine the cost of connecting.

3. Land Improvements

Purchasing vacant land frequently necessitates land leveling, tree removal, and other services. Determine the amount of work required to prepare the site.

4. Building Permits

Purchasing vacant land frequently necessitates land leveling, tree removal, and other services. Determine the amount of work required to prepare the site.

5. Environmental Concerns

Determine whether the property is in a floodplain and the risk of flooding. If the property is in a floodplain and you are working with a lender, you will almost certainly be required to obtain flood insurance.

6. Regulations

Check for any regulations that require the mobile home to be placed in a specific location on the property, as well as any easements that must be considered.

7. Consider Emergency Situations

Consider the land’s proximity to medical facilities and emergency services, as this can be an issue, especially for the elderly. 

8. Possible Restrictions

Some properties may have restrictions in place on what you can do with the land.

Mobile Home Community

Some homeowners prefer to locate their mobile homes in well-established neighborhoods. If the community you choose is resident-owned, you may be able to purchase the land. You will have to rent the land for your new home if you do not own it.

Choosing an established community can be beneficial because the land is ready for your manufactured home. These communities have pre-existing utility connections and typically have level lots with a paved driveway. They may even provide additional amenities such as a swimming pool or fitness center.

Although there are mobile home communities for people of all ages, many established manufactured home communities are for people 55 and older, which can help homeowners find neighbors with similar social and recreational interests.

Keep in mind though, if you are desiring a more rural and private home site, a community may not be for you.

Any More Questions?

Hopefully, we gave you plenty of pointers on what you should look for in a piece of land for your mobile home, and if a community or land would be the best fit for your new home. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and personal preferences. Putting your new home in an established manufactured home community might not be the best choice if you want privacy. You should also consider the cost when you are making a decision, since vacant land, although initially cheaper, may end up costing more in the end due to extra fees for utilities, permits, etc.

Either way, our team at Braustin Homes is here to help you! We are ready to answer any additional questions and make sure there will be no surprises along the way. We want nothing more than for you to be confident in your decision and have your own slice of freedom!

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