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June 11, 2024

Remodeling Ideas for Your Manufactured Home

There is more to remodeling your manufactured home than just increasing its value.

Many manufactured homes today can be customized in several ways, so your new home can be personalized to your liking. Some of these customization options include paint colors, flooring, and fixtures, to name a few. However, if you own an older manufactured home, it might be time for some remodeling and a little change.

So, if that’s you, stay with us. We have some helpful tips and remodeling ideas for your manufactured home. 

Here we go! 

How Does Remodeling Benefit Me?

Remodeling your manufactured home can make it more functional and enjoyable for you and your family.

Some reasons people remodel their manufactured homes are to utilize energy-saving features or appliances, rethink the purpose and layout of a room, add more usable outdoor space, and much more. The replacement of carpets and flooring, paint, lighting, counters, and cabinets are additional low-cost improvements that have a sizable impact on your home’s appeal and value. 

Ways to Remodel Your Manufactured Home

Setting a budget before starting any remodeling work is a wise choice. This enables you to determine the worth of each item on your remodeling wish list, helping you decide which to scrap if your funds start to run low.

Here are some remodeling suggestions (in no particular order of importance):

Revamp the Kitchen

It makes sense that the kitchen is frequently the first choice when deciding on remodeling ideas. After all, it tends to be the common gathering place for family members! Unless you’re changing the design of the space, remodeling your kitchen can be a worthwhile but inexpensive investment. 

New cabinets, flooring, countertops, and energy-efficient appliances are some popular ways to give your kitchen new life. 

Budget-savvy tip: Your kitchen can get a completely fresh look by simply changing out the cabinet hardware and sink fixture!

Replace Doors and/or Windows

One of the first things you notice as you approach your home is the front door. A worn-out door in poor condition is an eyesore, and it most definitely doesn’t make you feel secure! Your home’s exterior appeal will greatly improve if you install a solid door with a more contemporary look.

Similarly, installing new energy-efficient windows in your manufactured home will not only make it look better, but you’ll also appreciate the lower utility bill. Score!

Add a Porch or Deck

Your manufactured home’s value will increase and will have a more “permanent” appearance if you add a deck or porch. It also makes your home appear larger and more complete, add extra storage space, and provides year-round outdoor enjoyment for you and your family. 

The real excitement comes when you can add furniture, decorations, and lighting. Then your outdoor space truly becomes your own! 

Give Your Bathroom a Quick Facelift 

A bathroom remodel can be expensive if the layout is altered, which usually demands rerouting the plumbing. Not many people are willing to invest money in such an expensive renovation!

So, let’s talk about simple remodeling ideas. For the majority of homeowners, painting vanity cabinets and replacing hardware, updating bath and shower fixtures and heads, and installing a new countertop will be the gist of their bathroom remodels. Your bathroom’s appearance can be completely changed with just these updates!

Paint Walls & Declutter

Want to know a surefire way to make your manufactured home look unrecognizable? De-clutter it thoroughly and repaint the walls!

Painting can get overwhelming, especially if you try to paint the whole house in one day. Our best advice is to tackle one room at a time. Go with a neutral paint that will match any decor or taste, because you never know if you may have to sell down the road! Don’t forget to use painter’s tape and lay some tarps or old sheets down on the floor as well to protect them from any accidents.

With decluttering, we also recommend that you knock out one room at a time. Sift through all of your belongings and donate or sell anything you honestly don’t need or see yourself using again. You won’t believe what a difference decluttering will make in both the appearance and the feeling you get from your home!

Are You Ready to Tackle Your Remodeling Project?

Remodeling your manufactured home can get rather costly, especially if you have big remodeling plans. But you don’t need to break the bank to have a significant impact. 

These are just a few remodeling ideas for older mobile homes to get you started. In no time, your house will reflect your style, and increase in functionality and value! 

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