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October 28, 2022

Most Common Mobile Home Plumbing Problems

Mobile homes offer many advantages over traditional houses. They’re affordable, easier to maintain, and fully customizable. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with the usual pitfalls of homeownership, such as the occasional plumbing problem. Fortunately, many of the plumbing problems you will run into in your mobile home are easy enough to address without professional intervention. Below, we will outline the most common mobile home plumbing problems and how to fix them. 

Common Mobile Home Plumbing Problems

Thumping Sound

You may notice a thumping sound when water is being run or drained. These thumping sounds are usually due to a ventilation issue supply. Even though ventilation issues like these are complicated for you to fix on your own, we can help you plan better to save money and time. When the thumping occurs when a sink is drained, it is a sign that you must strap your drain lines under your house. When the thumping occurs while the water is running, the water lines are not appropriately installed with straps. Hammer arresters are usually the product to fix it, but you need a plumber to help you do so.

Odors in Mobile Home

If you detect an odor, this means something is wrong, but odors may have many different causes. Firstly, there could be a bad auto vent. This is the most common problem contributing to an odor in your house. Old auto vent springs can stop closing, allowing odor from the drainage system to come through.

Next, it could be due to a bad wax ring. A bad wax ring will usually manifest itself in leaking under your toilet, but you will not be able to see it. This means sewer water is building up under your home, which could be disastrous for you.

Another problem could be a dry P-Trap. When your pipes are partially clogged, they could block a vent and thus cause water in your sink traps to be dried. This will stop the P-Trap from preventing the smell from coming through your house. However, if the drainage smells, you can unclog it using a snake.

Lastly, an odor could be due to a detachment in your pipes. If your pipes are detached, leaking will occur under your home and thus cause a bad smell. Detached pipes can occur due to transportation or poot installation, but you can always get them replaced.

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is probably caused by a build-up of hair on the popup clogging it. To fix it, check your drain plug and the metal bar so you can remove the clog. To unclog your pipes, you want to use a snake, a coiled metal item, to push or pull out the clog. They are narrow enough to get through your pipes and can be bought for not more than $30 for small clogging issues. If you find that you can’t unclog it yourself, you should get a professional to get their industrial snakes to unclog your pipes.

Bathtub Backflow

A clog in your drain line will cause water to flow in your bathtub when flushing a toilet because the bathtub is the lowest point of the plumbing system. These can be solved by a closet auger, which is like a snake but made of a cable and a rod to push the clog into the sewer. Unless you experience noise or smell, it’s usually just a stoppage. Otherwise, the issue lies in your ventilation. You would then need to add another vent for the master bath sink, bathtub, and toilet by tying them on a single waste line.

We hope this blog has given you insight into your mobile home plumbing system. We are happy to provide our community with the information they need about manufactured housing. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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