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Concrete septic holding tanks being buried for site prep for a new mobile home

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Preparing Your Site for Your Mobile Home

Are you feeling overwhelmed now that you need to think about preparing your site for your mobile home?

Picking your home was the fun part. Deciding on colors and customization options, envisioning yourself in the space. Now reality has hit, and you’ve arrived at the stage in this process that requires the most tedious care and planning. Thankfully, site prep isn’t something you have to worry about. Our team at Braustin Homes has all the contacts and connections you need to get your mobile home to its final destination and ready to be lived in! We’re also going to lay it all out right here so you can see the process more clearly.

Here are a few steps toward preparing your site for your new mobile home!

Have a New Survey Completed

First and foremost, it’s crucial to have a clear and new survey completed before site preparation begins. Even if you already have an old land survey, it might contain ambiguous descriptions, inaccurate data, or outdated landmarks. These factors might make it difficult for your manufactured home to be delivered and installed safely and smoothly. 

A new report from a land surveyor, on the other hand, will contain updated data, point out any differences between the original and current measurements, and state whether your property is suitable for a manufactured home.

Make Access for the Delivery Truck

Your home’s delivery truck needs to be able to easily access the home site. You might need to cut down some fencing, widen access lanes, and remove some trees from your site. These factors can all depend on where you are located. You could take this on, depending on the equipment you have access to. Chances are though, it may be easier to leave it to the professionals!

Grading Prepares Your Site for Your Mobile Home

Your home site must be properly graded and sloped for rainwater to drain away from the mobile home and not collect underneath it. The site will need to be equipped with drains or swales to manage water runoff in areas where walls or other physical restrictions prevent grading. 

Additionally, the soil will be leveled and packed so that even on soft ground, the foundation won’t move.

Land Improvements

It’s a good idea to consider any options for land improvement while your home site is being prepared. Depending on your location, budget, or home configuration, these might change. 

A well, a septic system, the installation of electrical services, and perhaps even the construction of a porch or driveway are some typical ones.

Laying the Foundation

The main task of site preparation is building the foundation on which your home will be built. There are two different types of foundations: permanent foundations and non-permanent foundations. 

The chosen foundation type may be influenced by a number of variables. Local building codes, your lender, and whether or not your home will be in a park community are a few of these. Other crucial factors include the local climate and soil quality.

With some types of foundations, your home’s frame may need to be tied down or anchored to the foundation. This prevents your home from shifting in high winds and possible earthquakes. 

Preparing Your Site for Your Mobile Home is Done- It’s Time to Move In!

The most stressful phase of moving into a new mobile home is home installation and setup. But, consider the fact that thousands of homeowners complete the process each year with success.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it yourself!

We trust that this guide has made the site preparation process clear to you so you know what to anticipate. At Braustin Homes, we’ll make sure the procedure is as smooth and organized as possible. After all, we know how eager you are to move into your new home!

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