Can I Really Buy a Mobile Home Online?

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  • Jun 21, 2018
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How Buying Online from Braustin Works


Probably one of the most crucial aspects to Braustin Mobile Homes is the ability for home buyers to purchase completely online and over the phone should they choose to. There are many reasons why someone would want or need to buy a mobile home online, namely to save time and travel expenses, or, simply for the convenience of avoiding the step-dance that is haggling.

Braustin’s chief home buyer is typically situated in the middle-income earning bracket. I don’t know about you, but with the potential for sick kids, school functions, or that dream vacation I’m saving up for, I don’t want to use my hard earned PTO days on home shopping. Driving from dealership to dealership, navigating salesmen, walking through hot, stuffy lot models, only to settle on some home, ANY home to just get it done and over with.


“For Braustin, education comes first.” -Rachel


How Does Buying Online Work?

For starters, all home prices are clearly marked on our website for every home. Each home has a 3D virtual home tour allowing you to explore it room by room just like you would using that little yellow guy on Google Maps. We also provide a chart showing the estimated cost of delivery from the manufacturer to cities all over Texas—which is a completely location based number and not a blanket price “included” in the total home cost.

When a potential homebuyer contacts Braustin, the first priority is answering any questions they may have, as well as answering some questions they did not think to ask. For Braustin, education comes first. If, following that initial conversation, the buyer is ready to move forward, it’s time to get finances in order. You can check out our blogs here and here for more in depth detail on the loan process, but the point to remember is Braustin looks to the bank for answers, does not preemptively check your credit, and will not stop contacting should you be unable to buy right away.

“Finishes are a lot easier to change than the number of bedrooms.” -Rachel

Deciding on a Home

The most important part of a home purchase—aside from the price—is obviously the home itself. We aren’t looking to sell whatever the most expensive model is, but to help buyers decide on the home they really need for their family and lifestyle. Our housing consultants will ask questions about how you go about daily life, how many people will be living in the home, whether you cook or tend to eat out, and anything else that helps narrow down the home that is best for your situation.

It can be easy to become distracted when buying a home by the color of walls or tile finishes, but our team is trained to keep your eye on what will really matter while living in the home. Finishes are a lot easier to change than the number of bedrooms.

Once you’ve decided on a home, your housing rep will submit the order to the factory, they will build it, and the delivery will be scheduled directly from the factory.

“Everyone knows home buying means a lot of paperwork… That’s why Braustin created an app.” -Rachel

What about the Paperwork?

Everyone knows home buying means a lot of paperwork. And it’s a valid concern wondering how it all gets done if you never have to come into an office and sign it. That’s why Braustin created an app. For all the paperwork the bank requires before approving a loan, you can use your smart phone to “scan” the documents with a picture and upload it straight to the Braustin team.

From there it is simply transferred to the bank. When it comes time for signing the loan contract, you’ll print the documents from your email, sign them, and we’ll send you a shipping label to get them mailed back to us. This is how we are able to provide the affordability of our homes to people all across the state of Texas.

How do I Know Braustin is Legit?

With the convenient and helpful uses of the internet have also come those willing to abuse it. Scams big and small are certainly in practice using all sorts of methods, but the best way to find out about legitimacy is to look for reviews. Reviews will tell you not only if a person was scammed, but also how well a company followed through on their promises made. This goes not only for an outright scam but the overall customer’s experience with the buying process.

Just because a company technically provides the item or service they said they would doesn’t mean it was made any more pleasant or easy by the provider. We all know what it’s like speaking to the cable company, waiting all day to have nobody show, but still, eventually, get your cable installed. You got what you paid for, but hated every minute of it and wish you could have got it from someone else.

After being open for about a year and a half we have over 50 reviews on our Facebook page as well as video customer testimonials to back up our system that can almost seem too good to be true. Braustin has also been featured in the local news and newspapers multiple times to help spread the word about this mobile home buying alternative.

Yes, You Can Buy a Mobile Home Online

So, yes, you can buy a mobile home online. Thankfully, places like Carvanna, Amazon, and even Shipt have made buying online and having something delivered pretty normal. Sure, it feels quite a bit different when you’re buying a place for you and your family to live. So, for those who don’t feel this is an option for them, our physical dealership will be opening later this summer with a traditional office and lot models to view, but with the same prices you see online.

Braustin’s goal is to Bring Trust Back to Mobile Homes. We don’t require credit application “fees”, unnecessary credit pulls, or try to convince you to spend more money than you have. We’re looking to provide a great product, customer experience, and future for you and your family.

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Rachel Johnson


Rachel Johnson
Rachel has worked in the mobile home industry over the last five years and is passionate about sharing and promoting this affordable housing option to potential home buyers in Texas. Purchasing her first mobile home in Texas at age 18 and later selling it for a considerable profit, Rachel and her family are now pursuing their next venture in home ownership.