Leveraging Tech, Mobile Housing Startup Aims to Disrupt Market

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  • May 02, 2017
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Via Iris Gonzalez at the Rivard Report

San Antonio’s real estate market is hot – it ranks eighth on real estate website Trulia’s list of markets to watch in 2017 . That demand translates into a lower inventory of affordable entry-level homes. With San Antonio’s population projected to grow by 1 million by 2040, the need for affordable housing will be even more pressing.

That’s why Alberto Piña and his brother Jason founded Braustin Mobile Homes . Informally known as the “mobile home geeks,” the Piñas launched the unconventional startup in January as a way to help entry-level buyers achieve their dream of home ownership at considerable cost savings.

By leveraging technology, Braustin Mobile Homes has introduced what it believes is a disruptive model for selling mobile homes, creating a virtual mobile home dealership on the eighth floor of Geekdom that will be one of the featured stops on the upcoming SA Tech Trek April 25. The Rivard Report spoke to Alberto Piña about the housing startup.

A Tech Trek attendee checks out a VR tour of one of Braustin’s model homes.

Rivard Report: What’s your experience in the housing industry?

Alberto Piña: While the name of our company may be new to the manufactured home industry, our family has over 10 years experience selling and managing teams for big mobile home companies. My brother and I decided to start our own business where we could develop an approach more in line with the modern practices of e-commerce. When Jason and I founded Braustin Mobile Homes in January of this year, we developed our concept around many of Jonny’s ideas [brother Jonathan, who died after a motorcycle accident in 2015] regarding up-front pricing and an education-focused sales approach.

Four months ago we decided to venture out on our own and bring back the personal touch that only a small, family-owned and -operated business can bring. We were born and raised in San Antonio. South Texas is and always will be home. That’s why we love helping other families plant roots here.

Read the complete article on the Rivard Report’s site – https://therivardreport.com/leveraging-tech-mobile-housing-startup-aims-to-disrupt-market/

The interior of a Braustin mobile home in Poteet, Texas.

Aerial photo shot by a drone of a customer home site South of San Antonio.

Iris Gonzalez and Alberto Pina at Fiest Tech Trek in San Antonio.


Iris Gonzalez is a contributing writer covering technology, life science, and veteran affairs for the Rivard Report. A first generation Cuban American, she is also a strategic planning consultant for nonprofit and government sectors and a docent at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

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