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  • Oct 17, 2019
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We are always looking for ways to give you a better experience, and we believe giving you more information (and not less information) on the website is what most people want.  Why should you have to stop in at a dealership for a simple question, right?

Something we wanted to do from the very beginning was add upgrade options to our delivery calculator so you could see almost all your costs without having to call anyone.  We were thrilled to launch our new delivery calculator, and people have loved it!

Let me show you some of the highlights:

On the page for most products, we list almost all of the options available on a home.  If you want an option upgraded, just click on the option you want.

Sample of what upgrade option choices look like.

What if you want more information on an option?  Just click on the down facing arrow and you can see a brief description and often a picture.

What descriptions look like in the option upgrade picker.

After you choose your desired options, you can put in your zip code to get an estimated delivery price.

Image of our delivery calculator filled in.

If you want a formal quote on the home you just priced out, you can click on the “request a quote” button and we will get in touch with you really soon.

Image of requesting a quote after delivery calculation.

Pretty easy, huh?

What is not included in the instant estimate?

There are a few things we do not include in the estimate because costs will vary based on your unique situation.  Here are some key things not included:

    • Land
    • Taxes
    • Insurance
    • Sitework – Pad, utilities, etc.
    • Wind Zone II or III installation
    • Appliances and furniture not included from the factory
    • Additional Structures not included from the factory (i.e. decks)
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