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San Antonio Manufactured Homes are On Sale Now!

We always keep our Manufactured Homes in San Antonio on Sale so you can get the best price available. Though we sell mobile homes, technically they are really manufactured homes if they have been built after June of 1976. In other words, if you buy a new mobile home, you ARE buying a manufactured home.
While we don’t care if you call them mobile homes, manufactured homes, or trailer homes, you should just know that the home you buy, regardless of manufacturer, is built to the HUD standards since 1976 and upgraded in the early ‘90s. These standards have proven to ensure your home is just as safe as a home that was a home built on site. We like to think that manufactured homes are better because you have consistent quality like anything else built in a factory and you do NOT risk mold or mildew beginning to grow in your house because of rain falling on building materials.
This is all very good news, because that means manufactured homes are safe, high quality, and the average price for a home is $1,000’s less what it would be to get the same home built on site. We like to think when you buy a manufactured home in San Antonio, it proves how smart you are to have bought a high quality home for less money…don’t you like being smart?

We Are Here to Help!

Are you frustrated trying to find a Used Mobile Home? We are at your service. We would like you to enjoy your home buying experience. While we find we often beat competitors’ prices by $1,000’s less, what we are best at doing is providing great service to you.
What we like to do is start by listening to your needs, wants, and dreams for home ownership. When we know what kind of mobile home you are looking for, we do the hard work of finding the best used mobile home to meet your desires. No high-pressure sales tactics, just honest service because we know that is what you want. We will even give you our best price up front, so you do not have to worry about negotiating, we just give you the best deal you can find the first time and every time.

Large Selection of Manufactured Homes

We have a large selection of Manufactured Homes for Sale. You can look at our Most Popular Models Online or give us a call and you will be able to hear how happy we are to serve you today.

*All prices are for the base model of the home only and do not include upgrade options, site prep, delivery, set, and install costs. Please contact one of our sales representatives to get a quote on exact pricing for your home or visit our delivery estimate page.

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