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A Review of the Best Mobile Home Parks in San Antonio, Texas

In the past 20 years our city has seen a dramatic increase in the quality of communities for San Antonio Mobile Homes. With the older site built neighborhoods sky rocketing in prices and land sometimes being difficult and expensive to prepare, mobile home community owners have really taken it upon themselves to improve their locations or build brand new communities that are much more desirable to live compared to the older mobile home parks in the past.
Below are the top 7 mobile home communities, in no certain order, that Braustin Mobile Homes has put together based on customer reviews on sites such as , , , , mobile home village, and Facebook

Address: 3500 Goliad Rd, San Antonio Tx 78223
Number: (210) 337-5900
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (13 Google Review)
School District: East Central School District
Lot Rent: Varies by size and location. Check with manager for details
Security Deposit- $100.00 and includes mail box key
Hookup Charges- $150 included hooking up water, sewer, electricity & gas (if required)
• 2 swimming pools
• Lighted tennis and basketball courts
• Two story Brick Clubhouse/ party room
• Laundry Room
• Playground
• Fenced RV- Boat storage area
• Car Care Center
• 100{ab45e4a19dfaddaa9f17124899e5394cf668a20c82e2e76a744e060fe89230af} city services
• Well lighted streets
• Curbside garbage collection

What reviews had to say recently:

Ariel: 5 star review last week- This mobile home park has vacuums for your car, a tennis court with basketball hoops, 2 beautiful pools and a playground for the kids. The front office is very helpful in suggesting contractors for repairs. The laundry room can be found by the front office as well.”

Diana: 4 star review 4 months ago- “Been here for 9 months now and I love it. Safe quiet neighborhood. Girls in the office are always friendly and helpful. Community always looks great thanks to the staff. So glad that we chose here to be our home.”

Kimberly: 2 star review three months ago- “The office staff is so unfriendly. They only allow guests for 3 days then they have to undergo a background check. While I realize this is for safety reasons, I think it should be a little longer than 3 days. I hate to inconvenience my out of town family members who come for a couple of weeks to visit. The office staff has never once greeted me with a smile or a warm hello. Always rude.”

Jason: 5 star review 5 months ago- “This is a very good place to live wish i would have never left i miss my home there”

Address: 7151 Woodlake Pkwy, San Antonio TX 78218
Number: (210) 888-9612
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (20 Google reviews)
School District: Judson Independent School District
Lot Rent: Varies by size and location. Check with manager for details
Security Deposit- Not listed
Hookup Charges- Not Listed
• Gated entrance with perimeter fencing
• Wide, lighted streets with sidewalks
• Clubhouse for personal use and social events
• Swimming pool and relaxing hot tub
• Community ramada and BBQ area
• Children’s playground
• Cable television available
• Large home sites
• 2-car off-street parking
• Pets welcome
• Dedicated, professional on-site management team
What reviews had to say recently:
Jlharmala: 5 star review one month ago- “Great place to live. So happy we are purchasing a home here.”Beatrice: 5 star review 5 months ago- “my little time spend with woodlake staff was most delightful helpful n they made me feel that like family I came in mid December 2016 worried about how hard it would be to by a home here but i was I taken back on all the information n things needed I was surprised n so moved on how they wanted to help us. It took us 2 months to come up with the deposit but well worth it LIZ the sales maneger told me we could do it and we did ..Today 2-10-2017 I live in the home I wanted We moved in on feb 1 2017… MY FIRST HOME THAT I CAN CALL MINE….THANK YOU TO ALL THE WOODAKE ESTATES/ROBERTS COMMUNITIES STAFF”Jenna: 5 star review five months ago- “I read some of the reviews and when i first came here about 8 months ago It almost stopped me from trying to purchase my home, but I met the staff and they are so lovely. They treated me with respect after being turned down everywhere else. I wasn’t able to purchase at the time but i did get approved! and it didn’t work out on timing due to personal issues but I did get my money back and now I’m returning to purchase. So I highly recommend people to try this community out, I love what they have done to the place and how quiet it is, I highly recommend them.”

Max: 1 star review 6 months ago- I bought my home 3 years ago..its falling apart. .my kitchen floor hall and bathroom feel like I am walking on hills..when I had one of their contractors come look at it he said its because of the way the home was built with poor quality materials. ..when I addressed this with the sells manager she said ” its like buying a used car, a tire could blow up and then you die” so much for compassion. .I can’t move my wife has lupus and R.A. so we have to stay on …and try to fix the problem…oh and the water smells

  • Response from the owner-While we apologize for your negative experience, our sales manager worked with you to the best of her ability to explain the situation. In some cases, the homeowner must assume responsibility for certain issues and while we can assist where possible, that is all we are able to do. We have attempted to explain the circumstance and are happy to do so again if you would like to contact our office. That being said, there is nothing more we can do at this time. Assuming responsibilities for regular maintenance to prevent possible future issues is advised

Address: 7475 Golf Vista Boulevard, San Antonio Tx
Number: 888-506-3286
Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars (9 reviews on
School District: Judson Consolidated School District
Lot Rent: April Special- $389
Security Deposit- $75 App per adult
Hookup Charges- Not Listed
• Pet Friendly
• Street Facing Sites
• Bus Stop Outside Property
• School System Bus Service
• TV Room
• Playground
• Half Court Basketball
• Activity Calendar
• Community Center W/ Fully Equipped Kitchen
• Outdoor Swimming Pool
What reviews had to say recently:
Woodlake Trail Resident: 5 star review -When we had a maintenance problem, it was fixed in a timely manner. Office staff is very friendly and makes you feel at home.SABRINA W.: 3 star review- Too many management changes.Woodlake Trails Resident: 1 star review- When I moved in the trailer was not cleaned the front door was cracked there was a huge crack in the dealing the garden tub was filthy and clogged. The place was a sty.

Address: 5475 Southcross Ranch Road, San Antonio Tx 78222
Number: 210-648-3606
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (14 reviews on Google)
School District: East Central Independent School District
Lot Rent: Not listed
Security Deposit- Not Listed
Hookup Charges- Not Listed
• Swimming Pool
• Basketball Courts
• Off-Street parking
• Playground
• Clubhouse
• Pet-Friendly
What reviews had to say recently:
Red Goku: 5 star review 3 weeks ago – Staff and management are friendly, courteous, and seem to genuinely be in it for your best interests regardless of your situation. Great neighborhood to call home.Stacey : 4 star review 2 weeks ago- My niece just moved there, seems like a nice quiet area. Has a pool and playground.Esther Hernandez: 5 star review 1 week ago- Nice place to live. They try to have a once a month hot dog are some thing for the kids.

La Reina Elaine Elaine: 1 star review 5 months ago- Because the office management do not follow anything they promise & lot rent goes up every year. They do house inspections every 2 or three months & have to have a copy of ur house key to be able to enter at anytime. For me that’s A violation of all kinds. Especially if they are never holding maintenance accountable for theft from your home. So if you decide to live there Good Luck!

Robert Robertson: 5 star review 6 months ago- Nice friendly people and plubic

Address: 16240 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio TX 78232
Number: 210-494-0761
Website: None Listed
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars (22 reviews on Google)
School District: Not Listed
Lot Rent: Not listed
Security Deposit- Not listed
Hookup Charges- Not listed
Amenities: None listed
What reviews had to say recently:
Joshua Ramirez: 5 star review- It’s a quiet place to live no loud cars driving aroundAmber Motal: 4 star review- Nice place. Very quiet. A lot of activities for the community and a nice pool. Also has a basketball court and playground.Dan Meyer: 3 star review- Average mobile home park. Old.

Delores Flores: 4 star review- A few familey members live there including my mom. Have always enjoyed our viits for the past 30 years.

Dan Smith: 4 star review- I have lived in this mobile home park since the late seventies.It is my home,i like it here.I am here to stay.Nice people,nice surroundings.

Address: 5365 Southcross Ranch Road, San Antonio Tx 78222
Number: 210-648-2262
Facebook: None
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (24 reviews on Google)
School District: East Central Independent School District
Lot Rent: Not listed
Security Deposit- Not Listed
Hookup Charges- Not Listed
• Gated Community
• Swimming pool & baby pool
• Play area and basketball court
• Paved lit streets
• Pets welcome (restrictions apply)
What reviews had to say recently:
Jason: 1 star review 5 months ago- No the city needs to step in and inspect this place ask every resident there if there house is infested with roches the answear. Will be yes. Not only that they will sell you a runned down cover up not a refurbished mobilehome but a home with hidden problems that are major problems a that and you have 60 days for them to fix any occuring problem . What do they do they wait to send some one out to fix. Any issue until after the 60 day period and say oh sorry but you have to fix it you self………..not only that this place is unsafe really unsafe go to the city and see how many times the police have been called out there for major crimes too.Maria: 4 star review 6 months ago- Kim was awesome in helping me get things in order due to previous management screwing things up .There was an eviction under my name by mistake from someone in the office and Kim was very kind and helpful.She is working hard to get this place back on track how it used to be.Anthony: 1 star review 7 months ago- I would not waste the money to try to move in. When we first did it was wonderful. No drugs, unruly neighbors, and well kept. This year in March the management was thrown out new management was placed. It has gone downhill. Hardly maintained, kept asking for money “they said was lost”, and for some reason now they are thoroughly cleaning up. Looks like a sell off to me. This new management is shady and untrustworthy don’t do it

Edna: 1 star review a year ago- I lived there a year had nothing but issues. Was told things would get fixed. And nothing was done the central never worked and they knew this. So electric bill was outrageous. let them know I was moving a month in advance the lease was up but wa under my boyfriends name. They wanted me to sign a new lease I refused. They kept my deposit and send me to collections. I’m having to retain a lawyer to fight this. Stay away bad people.

Nora: 5 star review a year ago- Been their for many years great place ,quite,and great employees always their to help in any way …love it.

Address: 11704 US-181, San Antonio Tx 78223
Number: 210-633-0761
Website: None
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (16 reviews on Google)
School District: Not listed
Lot Rent: Not listed
Security Deposit- Not Listed
Hookup Charges- Not Listed
Amenities: None Listed
What reviews had to say recently:
Jason: 1 star review 5 months ago- No the city need

Martin: 5 star review 8 months ago- Friendly residents

Sooper: 1 star review a year ago- Out of This World

MELVIN: 3 star review 2 years ago- I used to live there if you want everybody in your business that’s a place to live

Rudolph: 4 star review 3 years ago- This is a classic mobile home park. City water! City electricity! What more could you ask for? There is not one, but 2 convenience stores within walking distance!

Thank you for reading. If you have found the perfect spot to place your future home or have any questions and need an honest team to help you out with the process please visit our website at to view our publicly posted, upfront pricing.
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