a new deck added to a new mobile home
June 19, 2017

6 DIY Upgrades For Your Mobile Home

A deck being installed on a new manufactured home in San Antonio, Texas.

Easy and Cost Effective Tips for Improving Your Mobile Home

Federal regulations require all manufactured homes to be built to a certain code, so most homes are structurally built the same. Because of that, people will purchase the less expensive starter home as their first place to live instead of buying a fully customized budget breaking house.

These home owners are smart, and realize there is no need to pay for the fancy bells and whistles that skyrocket the cost of their home, especially when they can do most of the work themselves with a little bit of time. In their mind it is best to choose a cost effective starter home that fits their budget and then add on the upgrades as their wallet and schedule allows.

Our team at, Braustin Homes, has put together the 6 most popular DIY upgrades for mobile homes that really make them stand out.

1.) Decks and porches

A deck is a great way to improve the curb appeal and value of a new manufactured home. Photo Credit: M. Zokaites Construction

This project not only gives your new mobilehome beautiful curb appeal, but also adds more living area for your family to enjoy.

Here is a time lapsed video of a deck being built as well as a great how to video for an 8×10 deck.

2.) Skirting

Skirting or underpining is a great visual improvement on a new mobile home and also helps to keep the critters out. Photo Credit: Mark Bower at mobilehomerepair.com

Skirting is one of the least expensive projects that you can do to upgrade the exterior look of your home. If you go to websites such as Mobile Homes Parts Store you can purchase the material for a very fair price.

This video will walk you through the process on how to do the project yourself.

3.) Light switches

Modern light switches are a cost effective way to upgrade the inside of your mobile home. Photo credit: Katlyn Sheline at evanandkatelyn.com

Switching out your light covers is such a small project that it is often over looked. Each light will take 10 minutes of time. If you are short on funds you can purchase the switches individually and as you get more money you can slowly finish the whole house.

A video by Home Depot shows how easy this can be.

4.) Crown Molding

Crown molding is another cost effective way to spruce up the interior of your mobile home. Photo credit: Sarah at slowfadedtreasures.wordpress.com

Crown Molding will take a little more time, patience, and require some tools but this video as well as a few others on YouTube really help to make the process as easy as possible.

5.) Interior doors

Replacing the interior doors of your mobile home is fairly easy and upgrades the look of your home. Photo credit: carusoframing.com

New doors will make your home look incredible. Depending on your knowledge and availability of tools this may be a project you hire a contractor for.

If you are fairly handy here is a great video from Lowes.

6.) Light Fixtures

Nothing modernizes the interior of a mobile home like upgraded light fixtures. Photo credit: Sharon Tara at Sharon Tara Transformations.

Replacing old light fixtures is a perfect way to not only brighten up a room but add some style to it.

The Home Depot put together a video that will make the project a breeze.

Thank you for reading. If you are in the market for a new manufactured home and need an honest team to help you out with the process please visit our website at braustin.sanantoniosalescoach.com to view our publicly posted, no haggle upfront pricing.

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