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Braustin Story

How it Started

The name may be new to the manufactured home industry, but we're not. In January of 2017, after years of selling and managing teams for big name companies in the mobile homes industry, Alberto and Jason Piña decided it was time to venture out on their own.

That decision actually started in 2015 after losing their brother and best friend Jonathan Piña. Thinking how life is too short to just make a buck, Alberto and Jason wanted to make a difference in the world, and they decided to do it through what they knew best, affordable housing.

The brothers saw first-hand how many people's lives changed when they experienced the American dream of home ownership. They also witnessed how communities grew from the stability more homeowners bring, as well as the money often saved when folks were no longer having to throw away their hard earned money towards monthly rent and endless repairs. Mobile homes may have started out as the family business, but quickly transitioned into the family mission.

The Story of the Name “Braustin”

Braustin is a combination of the three brothers' middle names.

Braustin Name Explained

It was Jonathan who planted the seed for what is now Braustin Homes. This company is as much Jonathan's legacy as it is those of us who work here today, and Alberto and Jason pour themselves into the work they do for our clients to honor his memory.

In Loving Memory of Jason Piña

The Nation's 1st Virtual Home Dealer

By designing and implementing the nation's first virtual home dealership, we not only made the home buying process easier, but safer and more cost effective for everyone involved. It's no longer necessary to keep leaving home and driving all the way down to a dealership, just to complete a ton of stuff that could have been done all while sitting on your couch. Our business model has streamlined the process, saving everyone time, which in turn, saves everyone money!

At Braustin, we also believe the more you understand the home buying process, the more satisfied you will be with your overall experience. Through our upfront pricing, transparent communication, and education-based sales practices, we hope to empower home buyers with the information they need to become confident homeowners.

The Bigger Picture

  • Doing business virtually keeps our costs down which keeps your price down.
  • We can run our business with less people than a similar size traditional home dealership.
  • Less people equals lower costs on our end, which means we can pass that savings on to you.
  • It all fits in our larger mission, providing homes at an affordable price so more people can become homeowners of a home they love.
Shopping Braustin Virtual Dealership from a Tablet

Braustin in the Community

We take time to get connected with our community and bring awareness to both the lack of affordable housing options and what we’ve done to be part of the solution.

Special Thanks to the Texas Tech University H.U.M.S. Project

The Arts and Sciences Department at Texas Tech University launched the H.U.M.S (Home Utility Management System) research project earlier this year headed up by Brian Ancell, Ph.D. and Carol Lindquist, Ph.D. They will be utilizing a new Braustin mobile home as their first test home while they develop the interactive system for collecting and using natural resources in place of on-grid utilities.

Texas Tech Home Utility Management System

Complete Transparency

Because we believe in complete transparency, we also want to share with you our “True North,” or little bits of information regarding who we are and where we would like to go. We feel if you are going to trust us, everything we do needs to be “above-board,” and we will take the first step in trust by sharing information many companies keep hidden.

Core Values

Hear more about the breakdown of each Core Value in the video clip above!

  • Building the Company That We Want to Work For
  • Creating Custy's for Life
  • We'll Figure it Out
  • We Play to Win
  • For Profit - For People
  • No One Person is Bigger Than the Team
Alberto Piña Hugging a Happy Customer

Core Focus

Building a better future for our community through our work in sustainable housing.

  • Purpose
  • Cause
  • Passion
Braustin Family

Core Niche

Braustin is building an affordable housing marketplace that blends the virtual experience with the in-person connection to create a seamless home buying experience.

  • Safest
  • Easiest
  • Lowest Price
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The Ramos Family

A Big Welcome to the
Ramos Family

We had the pleasure of working with Luis and Theresa Ramos and couldn't be happier with the result.

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