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We make investing in a mobile home for your family as easy as making a phone call. Our online mobile home dealership is the first of its kind, and we are proud to be able to assist you virtually. However, if you would prefer to meet us in person, we are happy to accommodate! Come on down to our physical location in Odessa/Midland. Conveniently located along Hwy 80 on the east end of Odessa, you can easily get to us from the Interstate 20/Hwy 338 interchange. We are between the S. John Ben Shepherd Parkway Blvd and Hwy 338 and only about 12 minutes from the Midland Airport.

Odessa Mobile Home Inventory

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Why Buy a Mobile Home in Odessa, Texas?

Mobile Home in Odessa, Texas

Choosing a mobile home in Odessa means opting for adaptability. Whether you're just starting out or looking to downsize, these homes provide the flexibility to evolve with your life's chapters. Financially savvy folks also recognize the value, as mobile homes offer an economical gateway to homeownership in Texas.

Odessa is about community gatherings, Friday night lights, and neighbors who become family. Mobile home communities here are tight-knit, offering a genuine sense of belonging.

So, as you ponder your next step, we invite you to consider the possibilities that a mobile home in Odessa offers. Here, under the expansive Texas sky, we're not just selling houses — we're extending an age-old tradition of community, warmth, and the promise of a place you can truly call home.

Why We Sell Mobile Homes in Odessa

Oil field workers in Odessa, Texas

Oil fields aren't merely about extracting black gold; they're about the countless families working tirelessly, day in and day out, driving our nation forward. As a family-owned mobile home dealership, we have witnessed firsthand the challenges these hardworking folks face when it comes to finding comfortable, affordable, and proximate housing.

This is where the vision of oil field housing in Odessa took shape for us. Our aim has always been to provide mobile homes that are more than just four walls and a roof. We want to offer sanctuaries where workers can find rest after long shifts and where their families can grow, laugh, and build memories without the anxiety of exorbitant costs or distant commutes.

Mobile homes are more than just housing. They represent adaptability, affordability, and, most importantly, the warmth of community in the expansive oil fields of Texas.

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