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Homeowner Spotlight: The Pava Family

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Homeowner Spotlight: The Pava Family

At Braustin Homes, we do more than sell affordable mobile homes. As the world’s first virtual mobile home dealership, we do offer a wide variety of manufactured homes for sale, but money is not our primary motivation. 

We are in this industry to make a difference. We want all people in our community to experience the life-changing power of homeownership, even if they have limited budgets. We are blessed to learn so much from our homebuyers as a result.

Joe Pava is an example of someone who taught us a lot. When he fell ill, he was given six months to one year to live. Joe and his wife Marion were previously traveling around the country in their RV. When he received his prognosis, they knew it was time to slow down a bit. He was determined to beat his illness, and knew that they needed a more stable home to provide the structure he needed. That’s when they contacted us to buy a manufactured home that would be accessible for Joe. 

We were happy to work with the Pavas to find the perfect home for their needs. Now, a year later, Joe and Marion are thriving in their new mobile home. Their spacious single-wide mobile home gives Joe plenty of room to do his physical therapy exercises. Joe has a renewed direction forward in life. This homeowner inspires us all to look forward to the future, even when times get tough.

If you’re looking for a manufactured home for you and your family, we would love to help you get started. Contact Braustin Homes to connect with one of our Housing Consultants today! 


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