Bathroom Storage Solutions
March 19, 2020

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Your Mobile Home

Bathrooms tend to be a place where you want a lot of stuff handy.  Make-up, hair care, toothpaste, mouthwash, contact lens solution, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, perfume, and maybe towels and toilet paper too.

So, what do you do with all that stuff in your bathroom? You have to put it somewhere!

Here are some storage ideas to think about for your bathroom.

Before You Buy, Look for Storage

There are a few common places you will possibly find storage available in a new mobile home.

bathroom double sink with organizers build in the bottom

Bathroom Vanity

Almost all mobile homes use a bathroom vanity or cabinet and sink combination. Even the smallest vanity has a little room for storage.  Some of the larger vanities you find in a mobile home include cabinet space, cubbies, and drawers, giving you tons of space for your smaller items and even towels and other bulky items.

bathroom cabinets in mobile home that have already been installed by manufacturer

Linen Closet

A linen closet in the bathroom comes in handy for your towels as well as your extra soaps and rolls of TP. Linen closets are ideal for bulkier items you want tucked away, and they are definitely a plus if someone in the family likes to take hot showers that steam up the bathroom because it keeps your towels and anything else inside from getting damp from the steam. 


If you have items you don’t mind other people seeing in the bathroom, you can feel free to use shelving included in some mobile homes for storage. Towels are easy to grab off a shelf and your favorite perfume bottle might be gorgeous to look at reminding you of the beautiful smell inside. If you buy a home with shelves included, great.  If not, shelves are one of the easiest things to add after you buy your home.

After You Buy, Get More Storage

Cabinets and Shelves

Hanging shelves, free standing shelves (such as a rack), or cabinets can make nice additions to your bathroom for storage and to enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Racks are the easiest to install because you just assemble, set them on the floor, and you are done. The same is true if you use a hutch or armoire, just set it and forget it.

Hanging shelves and hanging cabinets are a little harder to install, but you just need to make sure they are leveled and you use the right hardware, so they don’t fall off the wall. Most people with “moderate handiness” are able to easily install a shelf or hanging cabinet.

Are you not very big on old fashioned shelves? Try hanging baskets on the wall instead. You can mount them with the back to the wall to act as a shelf, or you can mount them proper side up to hold things you just want to toss in.

The floor cabinets are a little harder because you may have to adjust the trim in your bathroom in order to install the cabinet flush against the wall. Moderately handy people can also install a floor cabinet, but it takes a little more skill to make it look right than installing a hanging cabinet.

Vanity Top Organizers

 One of the easiest things to add for additional storage is an organizer that can sit on top of your vanity. Sure, it won’t add a ton of storage, but keeping certain things handy and organized is definitely a plus. 

Back of the Door Storage

Another common place people like to store things is the back of the bathroom door. You generally want to stay with something thinner like your bathrobe hook or a towel bar, but it reclaims space many people think of as lost.

Ceiling Storage?

If you are just plain desperate for space, you can try ceiling storage to squeeze just a little bit more out of every inch in your bathroom. It may be a fun way to add plants and decorations, or you can even toss some extra towels up there.

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