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December 27, 2017

Braustin’s Year in Review: A Letter to Our Customers

Dear Braustin’s Family,

Thank you.

From the bottom of our hearts and a million times – Thank you.

You trusted us with your dream and in doing so have given life to ours.

You took a chance on us and for that we have so much gratitude. It was you who gave us meaningful work here at Braustin.

We saw a need for truly affordable housing, and we decided we could help fill it. In January of this year we started Braustin to Bring Trust Back To Mobile Homes and after opening our doors nearly one year ago, we have been able to help 36 families fulfill their lifelong dream of home ownership.

Braustin Mobile Homes was founded on the belief that our customers deserve a quality product, at a fair price, with transparency every step of the way.

And our team continues to live up that founding principle.

We wanted to simplify home buying. The home buying process can be stressful at times and we never want you to feel frustrated, overwhelmed or disappointed. Many of you provided candid and insightful feedback on how our team could improve the buyer experience and for that we again thank you.

We listened. Your feedback allowed us to make significant improvements in our processes that will help us serve even more families in 2018. Our team is very excited for what the new year has in store for Braustin Homes and know we have you to thank for it.

With sincerity and grateful hearts,

The Braustin Team

(Keep scrolling to see what new changes are coming up for Braustin in 2018)

Screenshot of the Braustin Mobile Home App menu

New App

Braustin will soon be launching a new app!

We are so excited to bring this technology to our customers. The app will be an invaluable resource in streamlining the home-buying process, from the credit approval all the way to post installation touch-ups.

Users will be able to scan documents through their smart phone camera, have a “remaining items” checklist and visual progress bar, as well as faster communications turn around with the Braustin team...and much more!

You do everything else with your smart phone, so we thought, “Why not home buying, too?”

A double wide home getting delivered to the new Braustin dealership lot
Braustin’s future office getting moved into place.

New Lot

We started small, focusing on creativity and innovation to make sure our customers wouldn’t feel the absence of a traditional mobile home dealership.

But, we’re very proud to announce the opening of a new sales center coming January, 2018.

We’ve worked hard to keep our overhead costs low in order to keep your costs low and that won’t change.

Now we will have the room and freedom we need to grow and expand in order to meet more of the housing needs in our community.

We can’t wait for you to see it!

New Factory

Lastly, Braustin will be introducing a new home manufacturer to expandhousing options!

While still keeping with our focus on entry level housing, we wanted to offer a product with a few upgraded options such as tape and texture walls and linoleum throughout.

Value shouldn’t mean settling for less, we think these homes will prove just that.

Four members of the Braustin Homes team

Things might change, but we won’t!

It’s been a great year, folks.

We’ve learned so much, grown so much, and have so much we want to do.

Our customer’s interests are at the heart of everything done here at Braustin.

Happy New Year, everyone.

2018 holds great things for us all.

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