Three young adults on a ropes course
November 14, 2019

Buying a Home Should be like Ropes Courses, Not Poker

Ropes Courses and Home Buying

When I was younger, I had a chance to take kids on ropes courses (we called them COPE courses). These would be those challenge courses that ended thirty or more feet up in the air, standing on narrow platforms, and walking on ropes to cross to other platforms. While some people were walking the ropes, the rest of us were holding the ropes to ensure they were safe.

Some had more experience, others had less experience, but we all helped one another out through encouragement, tips, and of course, holding the rope. The best thing is, we ALL had fun.

Ropes courses are different than poker. In poker, through luck, guile, and shenanigans, you work on being the one to bring home other people’s money. You might like to play poker with your buddies, but it is not so fun when thousands of dollars are on the line and you know you are a newbie and the person across the table is a pro.

Poker player saying "I gotta deal for you! Let me just check you credit first."

Poker Style Home Buying

We hear the horror stories all the time. It is the stressful, high-pressure stakes of poker style home buying. Like the game of poker, at the end of the day, it seems like the person who had the most fun is the person who won the most money. Since the sales rep sells dozens of homes every year, they are the pro in this game, are you ready?

Why does there have to be high-pressure home buying? Why can only one person win? Why do I have to wonder if my sales rep has my best interest in mind? Why can’t you give me a price up front without a credit check?

To us, it makes no sense to sell homes this way. Sure, you might make a ton of money on a single home, but who is going to buy a home from you when you have a reputation as a hustler trying to trap people into bad deals?

Ropes Course Style Home Buying

Ropes courses are completely different. Everyone comes together to work on a common challenge. Everyone supports, encourages, and helps each other out in the challenge, and everyone has fun. We are not adversaries, but friends working together toward a common goal.

It’s a two-way street. You want to enjoy the journey of buying a home…and we want to enjoy the journey with you. Life is a lot simpler and more enjoyable on our end when our focus is on helping you get your new dream home instead of playing a game of home buying poker.

Our way might not appeal to every home buyer. We have met a few buyers that really enjoy playing “the game,” but we will keep it simple here and hold the ropes for you if you want to enjoy your home buying journey with us.

Group going out on a ropes course

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