Xander and Faith showing off some newly installed metal skirting on a mobile home
April 8, 2024

Concrete Skirting vs. Metal Skirting

Many homeowners consider skirting the last touch that creates a complete look for their new home, but it is vital to understand that skirting provides more benefits than a finished appearance. This final installation step safeguards your home’s electrical and plumbing systems, enhances insulation for optimal climate control, and prevents unwelcome critters from accessing utility entry points and the space beneath your home.

Considering all the benefits skirting offers, homeowners should take the extra step to discover which material best suits their home. The two most popular choices are concrete skirting and metal skirting. While both have their benefits, you will see that there is a clear winner in most cases, so without further ado, let’s cover both!

What to Know About Concrete Skirting

Most consumers think of concrete as a material that will last a lifetime, as it is a durable surface that is resistant to sun and weather damage. However, it is not completely waterproof and can begin to crack if it is not installed correctly or if the base begins to settle or shift. From a cost perspective, concrete skirting is one of the most expensive options available, both in terms of material cost and installation labor.

Buyers should also know that concrete skirting must be installed at the time of installation and cannot be added to your home after the installation is completed. Finally, while concrete skirting may visually resemble the foundation of a traditional stick-built home, it does not meet the requirements for a permanent building installation.

What to Know About Metal Skirting

In recent years, metal skirting, like the material used for metal roofs for hundreds of years, has begun to gain popularity. The surface is not harmed by sunlight or other environmental factors and is ideal for keeping pests, animals, and debris from the space under your house. The new metal skirting offered by Braustin Homes adds interest and visual appeal to your home thanks to six color choices. These options enable you to select a contrasting color or one that seamlessly blends with the color palette of the home’s exterior finishes.

When buying a new manufactured home, cost is always a factor as you begin to make decisions for the interior and exterior features. But you will be delighted to discover that metal skirting offers a complete appearance and fulfills all the functions of other skirting materials at a significantly lower cost, saving homeowners money without cutting any corners.

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