December 15, 2018

We Aren’t a Customer Service Company…

What We Do to Provide an Impeccable Customer Experience

There are a few different reasons you either love, hate, or merely tolerate the businesses you frequent. Some places have what you need when nobody else does. Some of them are really fast, if rather rude. And some may have the lowest price around.

But, if given the opportunity, I will spend my time doing business with the companies that make me feel cared about as a customer.

For instance, I love going to Chic-Fil-a. Their service is not only fast, but the employees never make you feel like an inconvenience.

You need more sauce? You got it.

A refill? Right away, ma’am.

Ready to leave? Don’t touch that tray, someone is already on the way to help.

And all at a fast food joint. Choosing to eat there is less about the food (though, I love a spicy chicken sandwich) and more about being treated and served well.

While Chic-Fil-a has excellent customer service—they will re-make an incorrect order in a jiffy—they’re service goes beyond fixing a problem and instead focuses on perfecting their systems behind the scenes, taking good care of their employees, and going above and beyond the expected requirements in fast food service.

Rachel, why are we talking about Chic-Fil-a in a mobile home blog?

Glad you asked.

When we set out to bring trust back to mobile homes, we knew it had to begin with providing an impeccable buying experience to our customers. We are offering the same products as other retailers out there, so why would anyone choose our company over another? In essence, it would come down to each potential home buyer knowing there was something different about the way we were operating.

Chic-Fil-a looked at other popular fast food joints and identified what was frustrating their customers. They took those problems, solved them, and created an atmosphere where people could get the same fast food with a much more positive experience.

And we did the same.

Torn Brown Paper revealing the words "Honesty is the best policy"

“Buying a home is a huge commitment. If a customer isn’t ready for that step in their life, we aren’t here to convince them they are.” -Rachel

Honesty. Pure Honesty.

One thing that really frustrates and turns away mobile home buyers is feeling lied to after being surprised by unexpected difficulties or added costs.

A lot of companies feel they need to soften the enormity of what it means to purchase a home until a customer is so far into the process it’s nearly impossible to turn back. This leaves the bitter taste of resentment with a new home owner that will linger long after they’ve moved into their home.

Even if every request is fulfilled and every promise kept, the customer service won’t make up for the poor customer experience.

To combat this, Braustin prides itself on being honest to a fault. And what I mean by that is we will tell you exactly what obstacles you may face, costs that may be incurred, and tasks you will need to take on in order to complete your home purchase. Even if you knowing means us losing a sale.

Buying a home is a huge commitment. If a customer isn’t ready for that step in their life, we aren’t here to convince them they are. Houses aren’t t-shirts or a pair of shoes—they are one of the largest investments a family can make, and, therefore, shouldn’t require sugar-coating.

Up-Front Pricing

You can go to our home catalogue right now and find an actual price for each of our homes. What’s more? You can view our delivery estimator on every page with a home and find out a good idea of what it will cost to transport the home to your property.

There are no “call for pricing” banners or “clearance sales” or “included in price” gimmicks. You can go to this blog for good estimates on site improvements and this blog for the costs of upgrades.

Most companies will not breakdown these costs for you. They will lump them into the total home price and says it is all included.

And we don’t think that is very fair. For starters, delivery costs will range widely between customers depending on their location. A customer 200 miles from the factory should not have to pay the same as a customer 400 miles away.

In addition, our prices do not fluctuate based on what the bank will approve you for to allow us to profit more off the same home. Buyers in Midland, TX will receive the same price as buyers in Laredo, TX with only the delivery and installation costs varying based on location.

Not only does this mean we have the lowest prices on the same homes as other retailers, but once again, customers know they aren’t being tricked into anything by a smooth-talking salesman.

Woman looking at a man talking to one another across a table with charts laid out on the table

Asking and Listening

People want to be heard, not talked at.

When a potential home buyer reaches out to Braustin to find out more about the buying process and their options for proceeding, it is our team’s job to ask questions and actually listen to the answer.

Our priority as housing consultants is to use the information gleaned from a home buyer to narrow down a home that will fit their lifestyle, budget, and current needs as a family.

Accomplishing this means not having a specific home we hope to sell the customer before we’ve taken the time to get to know what they require to be happy for the long term.

Woman at a desk talking on the phone

Convenience, Availability, & The Home Buying App

The last components of how we work to create an impeccable customer experience for our home buyers comes down to making the process as efficient and as painless as possible.

We do 70% of our home sales 100% online and over the phone. Meaning, customers never set foot in our offices or meet us face to face. But what it also means is home buyers have the option of living on the other side of Texas while still being able to take advantage of our low prices without needing to spend precious time and money traveling to complete the transaction.

The beauty of technology is that information can be transferred quickly and easily over the little computers we all carry in our pockets. Creating a home buying app has allowed us to make sending and receiving those documents easier, reducing work load for our team and tedious steps for our customers.

The app also allows our customer to review what is needed from them to complete the purchase of their home and minimizes mistakes. It creates quicker turnaround time for knowing the document has been received, if the bank has accepted it, and what the next steps are to move forward.

But another component to limiting frustration means answering calls, texts, emails and being available to our customers as much as possible. Nobody likes to wait and wonder about the status of their future home. And nobody likes to feel like an inconvenience.

Our commitment to over communication is really a part of our understanding that more than a customer, a home buyer is a person in the middle of a very crucial, nerve racking, and stressful time in their lives. If we can ease those worries and fears by returning phone calls as quickly as possible, then why wouldn’t we?

Your Overall Experience Matters

It would be easy to claim Braustin has “the best customer service”. But that is only one small part of the entire process of buying a home.

Great service after receiving the product you paid for should be a given, but what sets companies apart is the service you receive before you’ve ever signed a check.

Do you feel listened to? Do you feel informed? Do you feel at ease? These are important questions to ask yourself to gauge your overall customer experience.

We strive everyday to make sure your answer to those questions are Yes!

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