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August 1, 2019

Double Wide Mobile Homes: Everything You Need to Know

Double wide mobile homes are the new normal for mobile home buyers across the nation. As an industry, manufactured housing has come leaps and bounds from where it started way back in the 1930’s, and double wides show us just how much progress has been made.

As indicated by the name, double wide mobile homes are double the width of a single wide. Why? Because a double wide mobile home is essentially two single wide homes seamed together into one continuous structure.

Double wide mobile homes offer home buyers everything they feel a single wide might be lacking—space. Today, we’ll discuss the benefits of opting for a double wide, how they differ from single wides, and what you can expect from upgrades to installation.

Tru Home Marvel model mobile home kitchen lifestyle

Cost Savings of a Double Wide

When comparing the price per square foot of a new double wide home versus a site-built home of similar size, the savings is incredible.

I did a little bit of math to show you what I mean.

If you purchased the 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom TRU Marvel, after factoring in delivery and AC costs for installation on a property in Odessa, TX, the total would come in around $59,000.

That’s a 1,475 square foot house for $40 a square foot.

I ran a search for real estate in Odessa and could not find a move in ready home with price per square footage under $100 on the same size of home, unless you count the one with the lime green shag carpet and I’m trying to forget I saw that.

There is more that goes into price than just bare numbers, though. Buying a home of $140,000 also means coming up with a bigger sum of money for down payment, a higher mortgage, and more spent on interest over the term of your loan.

All for a home of the same size.

So, while double wide mobile homes offer more space than single wides in most cases, they also offer that space for less than what you can find in a traditional site-built home. There are more expensive double wide mobile homes available which would narrow the savings gap some, but the total still comes in far short of other site-built homes.

Truck pulling one-half of a double wide mobile home

Transporting and Installing a Double Wide Mobile Home

Because of the extra space in a double wide, the building, transport, and installation processes will cost more and take a little longer.

Transporting a double wide home requires two delivery trucks and drivers who coordinate together to deliver the home at the same time and situated as close together as possible.

The next step in installing the home is called “set-up”. For a double wide set-up, the crew will finish moving the home together, making sure each side is level and each end is lined up evenly. They will then set the home on its permanent blocking and remove the tires and wheels the home was transported on.

After the set-up, the home is ready for trim-out. During this process, the home will be finished on the roof, end walls, and interior seam, making both sides of the home flow smoothly into the other as one.

While the home installation may take a little more time, the result is a brand new, spacious home ready for the next chapter in your family’s story.

exterior rendering of a double wide mobile home

Upgrades and Options for Our Double Wides

While each double wide is listed on our website with the base price of the home as well as a calculator for delivery, set up, and AC costs, many of the homes have other options available at an additional cost. These are called upgrades. While some parts of a home come with that factory’s standard, there are common upgrades available to siding materials, thermal and energy ratings, and even flooring options.

From our most budget friendly factory, TRU homes, some select upgrades are available which we suggest to home buyers to maximize comfort and enjoyment in their new home.

One of those upgrades is the Energy Star package. Ranging in cost from $835-$1,135, this upgrade comes with thermal windows, upgraded insulation, a programmable thermostat, and LED lightbulbs installed throughout the home. This upgrade is one we heavily suggest to our customers looking to beat the heat and their electric bill in Texas.

Another upgrade available for TRU double wides is Smart Panel siding. This is a highly weather and pet resistant material which not only adds great curb-appeal but contributes in a big way to the durability of your home. While many site-built and mobile homes are perfectly fine with vinyl siding, Smart Panel is still worth consideration. Depending on the size of home, this upgrade ranges in cost from $1,545-$2,100.

Other optional upgrades on TRU double wides include: Dishwasher ($450), 16’ Dormer ($550), and linoleum instead of carpet throughout ($350).

Our luxury line of homes, Clayton NXT Athens, comes almost entirely upgraded with all the options mentioned above, including the Energy Star Package, but also offers an upgrade to hardi-panel siding ($1,399+) and full linoleum throughout ($450).

Tour Our Double Wide Homes Online

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