Thanksgiving 2021
November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from Braustin Homes

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The following transcript has been lightly edited for clarity purposes.

I’m thankful for…

On today’s Meet the Team, we’re going to get to know our Braustin employees a little bit better and hear what they’re thankful for this holiday season.

Rahki Perry: Being alive, being healthy.

Jessica Ramirez: My family, my friends, and just being alive and healthy.

Sydney Sanders: I overcame quite a bit of loss this year in my family. Just pulling through and moving forward is something I’m really thankful for.

Jorge Faz: To have a house and to have a family to support and to love and that loves me back.

Elida Mainez: Definitely my kids and my amazing, amazing fiancé.

Vee Hidalgo: For my little one and all the adventure she brings on a daily basis.

Aaron Gossett: Being able to spend time with my son.

Cody Johnson: I’m thankful for the operation department. I have a lot of support.

John Wondra: To be able to work for a company where my voice can actually make a difference. The amount of things and ideas I talk about in other jobs, it just goes unnoticed or it’s “submit a form to corporate,” right? And who knows if they even ever read it.

Cody Johnson: As a department, we’re taking steps in the right direction with John and Jessica doing their part. It’s really amazing.

Jessica Ramirez: I didn’t have any experience in doing loans or anything like that for homes. So I’m thankful they gave me a chance.

John Wondra: Here, I get to voice my opinion and not only is it understood and listened to, but a lot of the stuff we’re doing now comes from some of the ideas that I’ve had or even other teammates.

It’s just such a great feeling, knowing that the impact I have can be met at such a larger scale with this company. So it’s pretty neat to be able to do that.

Cody Johnson: On a personal level, thankful for family, I’m thankful for having a good place to live, wife, son healthy, and for a great job opportunity like Braustin and overall.

Rahki Perry: I’m thankful for AP. He’s been sort of a mentor, but he wouldn’t say that. I think he’s been there for me this whole journey of just coming out of school and stepping right into my career. And everybody here, it’s been good vibes.

Jessica Ramirez: I am actually happy waking up and coming to work. Working with everybody here is pretty great.

John Wondra: Personally, I’m just thankful to be able to be together with family, about being around everyone that I haven’t gotten to be with in a long time. I’m super excited about just being in their presence and I’m actually really looking forward to making my homemade macaroni.

Sydney Sanders: I’m really thankful for Rahki. We’ve developed a really tight-knit friendship over the last year. We started around the same time, about two months apart, and she’s just been my ride-or-die ever since.

Jorge Faz: To have met some incredible families, the White family, the de Santos family, the Lopez family, the list goes on. Getting to tell their stories.

Happy Thanksgiving from Your Friends at Braustin Homes

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