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September 28, 2018

90 Reasons We Love Making Families Home Owners – Braustin Homes

How Braustin Measures Success

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When we were reviewing our numbers for what we’ve accomplished so far, it wasn’t volume or profit that had us feeling proud—but all the children who were now going to be raised in a permanent home because their parents found the pricing and guidance they needed at Braustin.

How many children? Well, 90 to be exact.

In just under two years, 90 children and their families who came from many different living situations—both good and not so good—have now been able to see their parents achieve their goal of owning a home.

Well, to be fair, 9 of those children have been newborns who were freshly brought home to a Braustin mobile home, and we think that is pretty amazing, too!

Our goal for 2020 is to reach a total of 1,000 children over the next two years! Because the number of families we can bring affordable home ownership to in our Texas communities are really the only numbers that matter to us.

The Science of Children and Home Ownership

As parents in this world, we try to do everything we can to offer better lives for our children than we ourselves had. It’s not always easy, since parenting doesn’t really come with a clear-cut instruction manual and science can send us in all sorts of directions.

One thing most scientific research does agree on, however, is the advantages given to children raised in a stable home environment—most often achieved in a home that is owned by the child’s parents.

Most rental contracts are only 1-2 year leases with high potential for landlords to raise rent with the tide of inflation, leaving many renters continually moving around, readjusting, with their children learning a new school and finding new friends.

While this lifestyle may suit some families, research shows most consider home ownership a part of the American dream—a dream they hope to achieve.

Families have many reasons for renting, some common ones being they are saving for their down payment, building credit, or grew up renting themselves and aren’t sure how to go about starting the journey to become a home owner.

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The Benefits for Children of Home Owners

This article as well as this one talks about the measurable benefits studies have found when researching families living in a short term renting environment versus a home owned by their parent or parents. Some of the findings include:

  • High school dropout rates lowered by 2.6%
  • Teen birth rate 5.0% lower
  • 13-23% higher quality home environment
  • Greater cognitive ability – Math achievement up to 9% higher and reading achievement is up to 7% higher
  • Fewer child behavior problems – 1-3% lower

Part of the benefits of raising children as a homeowner doesn’t actually have anything to with the home itself, but instead with the act of budgeting. Dr. Richard K. Green, a key researcher on this topic, says,

Does buying a home make you a better person? No, but the discipline associated with saving for even a small down payment and subsequently managing a house is, on average, associated with the discipline needed to promote better outcomes for children.”

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We Work to Make Home Ownership Possible!

You’re probably thinking, that’s fine and great and I would love to offer my children everything you’re talking about, but I can’t afford a home right now!

Which I totally get. Traditional site-built housing is growing more and more astronomical, and simply suggesting that every family should go out and buy a home could actually have the opposite affect of what we’re going for.

“Homeowners must understand the responsibility of ownership and take on a mortgage that is manageable and not overstretch their budget,” says Forbes contributor Lawrence Yun, in this article discussing home ownership and its positive impact on our country’s economy.

That’s why our top priority at Braustin is to bring affordability and education to our potential home owners. Each family that comes to us looking to buy, or just asking questions, is a family we want to help gain all the natural benefits that come from being a homeowner.

But not just from owning any home, anywhere. But working with customers from the very start to find a home that comfortably fits their budget. In a layout they can function happily in. In an area they actually want to be.

Home ownership should be made possible for anyone who wants to attain it, not just the ones who can afford a $300,000 home. Our favorite thing to do at Braustin is to work with people who thought all hope was lost only to see that their dream is possible.

If you are ready to get out of the rent-race, or just want to see what the process of buying a home would look like, give us a call. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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