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October 24, 2019

Introducing the New Home Buyers’ Bootcamp!

We have been working hard to give you information on every aspect of manufactured and mobile home buying. Now that there is a ton of content created, we thought your life would be easier to pull all that information in one place.

And that is How the New Home Buyers’ Bootcamp was Born!

All our helpful home buying videos, links to blog posts, and links to podcasts are in one place, broken down into different pieces of the journey. When you know what happens during each part of the journey, buying a home goes faster and is more fun because you don’t have as many surprises.

If you go through the Bootcamp, you should have all of the knowledge you need to make smart decisions and avoid any “gotcha’s” in the home buying process. We intend to keep adding to the Bootcamp with helpful content to ensure it stays relevant to you.

If you are an experienced home buyer, feel free to check out only the content you want to brush up on. Use what you want and ignore the rest.

Our Greatest Joy is to See Our Work Get Used

We spent so much time putting this together, we just want the Bootcamp to get used, whether you buy a manufactured or mobile home from us or not. Feel free to share the bootcamp with friends and family members who are thinking about buying a new mobile, even if they live in the far reaches of the Amazon jungle (sorry, the Amazon jungle is currently outside our service area).

You can click here to see the New Home Buyers’ Bootcamp.

Do you have ideas of what we should add to our Bootcamp? Be sure to let us know on Facebook what home buying topics interest you.

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