Inside view of the Braustin Virtual Outpost in New Braunfels 2019
July 16, 2019

Introducing the World’s First Mobile Home Virtual Outpost!

Now open at the H-E-B off TX-46 in New Braunfels, TX is Braustin’s first “Virtual Outpost.”

Our team has been working feverishly behind the scenes over the last few months to create an entirely unique, immersive experience for anyone interested in learning more about becoming a proud new mobile homeowner.

Buying a home is often an overwhelming process. At Braustin, we believe the more buyers understand about the mobile home industry and buying process, the more satisfied they will be with their overall customer experience.

That’s why we are proud to introduce to you the world’s very first Mobile Home “Virtual Outpost.”

Located within the H-E-B in New Braunfels, TX, Braustin’s Virtual Outpost is an innovative micro sales-center where future homebuyers and curious onlookers can learn more about mobile homes while interacting with exciting technology.

The outpost is in three distinct sections, carefully designed to allow visitors to spend as much or as little time as they’d like exploring the technology and information available.

Let’s look at what you’ll find as you move through this 300-square-foot kiosk renovated to have the look and feel of a Braustin mobile home.

First wall of the Braustin Virtual Outpost 2019

Section 1–Augmented Reality

Upon first entering the Virtual Outpost, you will notice a large display of mobile home floorplans and family photos lining the walls with tablet computers situated underneath.

Simply pick up a tablet, aim it at a floorplan, and watch as the 2-D image transforms into a lifelike, interactive, 3-D home. Rather than imagining what the black and white drawing might look like as a home, the AR technology brings to life the walls, kitchen, cabinetry, and furniture, providing a more realistic idea of the home’s size and layout.

Or aim the tablet at the photos to view short videos where past families share their experience becoming a Braustin homeowner.

Shoppers can also download the Braustin app to their mobile device for an interactive augmented reality experience through our new home buying catalog.

man using VR goggles while Alberto Piña looks on

Section 2—Virtual Reality

Next up is our “virtual reality” or VR experience. Here, shoppers can virtually tour mobile homes through VR headsets and a linked tablet computer. The connected tablet provides couples the opportunity to see what their partner sees while wearing the headset.

With a VR tour, users will be able to more thoroughly experience the look, size, and depth of the homes seen in the augmented reality tour.

We are especially excited to offer this technology for those among the disabled community who have found traditional mobile home touring difficult to nearly impossible. With our virtual reality setup inside Texas’ favorite grocery store, any mobility-challenged shopper can explore our homes without having to maneuver through a traditional sales lot.

Back room of the Braustin New Braunfels Virtual Outpost

Section 3—Video Conferencing

For shoppers who have more questions or are ready to move forward in the process of buying a mobile home, we have included a video conferencing room where they can speak directly with our sales team at Braustin’s San Antonio headquarters.

Complete with a comfortable sofa and two 50-inch flat-screen televisions, customers can video-chat with a licensed salesperson on one screen while viewing floorplans, images, and any additional documents brought up during the consultation on the other.

Also available in the video conference room is a printer and scanner remotely connected to the San Antonio office. This simple addition provides the Braustin sales team the ability to print a credit application, requested bank documentation, or even closing paperwork for a home buyer ready to finalize their purchase.

inside view of the Braustin Virtual Outpost at the New Braunfels HEB

Technology Means Access and Affordability

Our mission with launching this Virtual Outpost is to spread awareness about the sustainable affordability of mobile homes in a housing market that is largely unaffordable.

Through Braustin’s upfront pricing, transparent communication, and education-based sales practices, we hope to empower home buyers with the information they need to become confident homeowners.

“Purchasing a home is a significant investment for people,” Alberto Piña, co-founder and CEO of Braustin, says, “It’s more than a financial decision. It’s a major life milestone that impacts families and their children by providing stability and empowerment. We look forward to shaping the new era of mobile home selling and buying through our innovative infrastructure and dedication to do what is right for the customer. Profit will never come from exploitation.”

So, whether you have 5 minutes or 3 hours, come check out our new Virtual Outpost at the H-E-B off TX-46 in New Braunfels. See the homes, tour the homes, and get your questions answered. We’ll see you there!

Braustin Homes announcement that you can now buy a mobile home at a HEB grocery store

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