Kitchen in Luxury Mobile Home
January 8, 2023

Manufactured Homes in 2023; If You Haven’t Seen What They Look Like, Look Again

When people think of manufactured homes (aka mobile homes), they usually envision rundown trailer parks and an undesirable assortment of people as neighbors. Sometimes this can be true, just like it can be true for a stick-built home, but most mobile homeowners are just your average, hard-working American who chose a more affordable option for homeownership! But look again. We are talking about luxury manufactured homes.

Mobile homes of the past have evolved into efficient, beautiful homes built under strict federal manufacturing standards that are affordable and long-lasting. Do you dream of having a covered porch, a walk-in closet, or a large kitchen island?  Most buyers will realize they can check off almost any item on their wishlist without breaking the bank! 

Honestly, if you haven’t looked at what manufactured homes look like currently, you’re missing out. Let’s get into more detail now!

Open Floor Plans…in a Mobile Home?!

An open-concept floor plan is one of the most desired features in a new home. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice this feature with a lot of today’s mobile homes! The cramped, tight spaces of older mobile homes have given way to today’s modern manufactured homes. 

Kitchens are often connected to living areas, creating a comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to both entertaining and daily life. Nobody is blocked off from socializing with guests while preparing food in the kitchen! 

Abundant Natural Light 

Once you start looking at today’s mobile homes, you will realize very quickly that once you step in, you won’t be able to tell you aren’t in a stick-built home! Windows are of no shortage in modern manufactured homes, and you will be amazed at the amount of natural light that pours into any given room. Large windows above the kitchen sink, in the dining area, living room, and more. 

Luxurious Kitchen & Baths

A kitchen is one of a house’s most influential selling points, and many manufactured homes have impressive kitchens that exceed expectations. If you’re looking for a spacious kitchen with plenty of counter space, you’ll fall in love with the ones found in many modern manufactured homes. You’re sure to find stylish fixtures and finishes, farmhouse sinks, countertops, and energy-efficient appliances. 

Bathrooms can have spa-like features like garden tubs, rain showers, and double vanities, which you wouldn’t expect, yet are very affordable in a manufactured home. You definitely won’t miss out on a luxurious experience in today’s mobile homes! 

Manufactured Homes w/ Customization Options

More than likely, a manufactured home is more than just a house; it can be a dream home! In addition to the many luxury features that are now standard in manufactured homes, builders are increasingly providing homeowners with more customization options. Because of the initial affordability of mobile homes, buyers have the ability to invest in custom features to allow the home to better suit their own tastes!

How Do You Feel About Manufactured Homes Now?

Despite what you have been told, mobile home living in 2023 can be comfortable and not a downgrade, by any means! The abundance of luxury features and upgrades in mobile homes of today allows homeowners to stay within their budget while purchasing a home they love. Our team at Braustin Homes is excited to chat about these your favorite features whenever you are ready. Call today and find the perfect home for you!

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