Chris Martinez Housing Consultant
March 11, 2021

Meet the Team : Chris Martinez

Intro: Meet Chris Martinez, or as we like to call him “The Mobile Home Mamba!” He serves our customers as a Housing Consultant, and has been with Braustin Homes since December of 2019. For the last two years, Chris has been an integral part of our team, and we are so excited to share his experience thus far.

This blog is based on the interview from this video, feel free to check it out or read along below!

Chris Martinez:
My name is Chris Martinez. I’m from San Antonio. I’ve been all over Texas for the most part.

What is your current position? What do you do at Braustin? And what do you most enjoy about your job?

Chris Martinez:
My current position is sales, and what I enjoy most is really just talking with people, like that initial conversation, figuring out what they’re looking for, and then giving them that path to get there, like their little mobile home tour guide. Right?

How May I Help You Today?

Is there a particular customer that you remember?

Chris Martinez:
Her parents only speak Spanish, and I only speak English, so the customer service standpoint, it’s like, “Do you prefer to speak with someone Spanish? Because I have some of that can do that. I would love to help you if you’re okay working with me, and passing on information to them,” so that’s what she agreed to do. Her name’s Daisy, and her father was the one that ended up applying. His name’s Pedro Jaime, but essentially she did everything that they were needing to do, as far as the bank stuff goes and working with me to get that part done. She really took the lead to help her parents get into the home. I was just kind of going along with her.

What motivates you to get up in the morning, and do your job?

Chris Martinez:
To do my job?

Jorge Faz:

Chris Martinez:
To perform well?

Jorge Faz:
Yeah. To perform.

Chris Martinez:
I mean, other than just having that duty for the customer, almost everyone we help it’s their first purchase, and it’s probably the biggest purchase that they’ll ever make, so if I’m not on it, and I don’t do my job right, that loan’s 23 years, and that can affect them that whole time. I have to make sure that I’m spot on for it. Then that outside motivation, the reason to get up, and go to work outside of making sure that I have to be there for my customers is, obviously, Isaiah, my son. I got to take care of him. I can only do that if I take care of my customers.

Do you feel Braustin supports life outside of work?

Chris Martinez:
100%. Some of the biggest stuff, and it seems minute, but it helps mentally helps you recover, and then you get that time with your family, but pretty much leading up to our day off, right, we have a rotation of what days we have off. The day before our actual day off, we’re able to leave about an hour early, which doesn’t seem huge. Right? But it makes a big difference. I can get to my son faster. If he’s going to be with me after that, I get to get him earlier, and then spend my day off with him, and then keep him through those remaining days. Stuff like that. Then even Friday and Saturday, those days we finish an hour earlier, as opposed to the rest of the week, where it’s usually 7. Right? Then our sales team, we’re all motivated, half the time we’re here past 7 anyway, even on the days we’re able to leave early, we’re always here later anyway. But if Alberto and Jason catch that, and they know that we’re supposed to be off they’ll kind of start nudging us out. But stuff like that it… The old company wasn’t like that. We definitely had a high workload, a high hour demand, so this definitely promotes a more traditional hours load, which, I mean, obviously, helps you with your personal life.

So that’s it: Meet The Team: Chris Martinez. We would love to chat with you or hear about your experience on our Facebook page or through our Contact Form.

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