Marie Bourne Web Developer
October 27, 2021

Meet the Team : Marie Bourne

Meet Marie Bourne! She currently serves our customers as a Web Developer, and has been with Braustin Homes since December of 2020. For a little less than a year now, Marie has been an integral part of our team, and we are so excited to share her experience thus far!

This blog is based on the interview from this video. Feel free to check it out, or read along below.

The following transcript has been lightly edited for clarity purposes.

Hi, my name is Marie, and I’m one of the developers here at Braustin Homes working on the sales portal, the customer-facing website and lots of code!

Do you have any hobbies?

I’ve got a couple of old and odd cars. I enjoy hot rodding, and photography. I mix those two hobbies together, by going to car shows and taking artistic photos of everybody else’s cars.

I also like gardening.

I’ve got a bunch of fruit trees and things like that. Who knew I was going to enjoy that?

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How did you end up joining the team at Braustin?

Before Braustin, I was in a completely different career. I was a creative manager for a company called Harken.

I was interested in the web. Coding, it’s problem-solving.

I took a coding boot camp taught by Josh, so I was actually one of his students. Then when the position came up at Braustin, he asked me if I was interested. So I applied, and here I am.

I’m still relatively new to development, and so I’m definitely looking to grow there and continue learning my own trade. I like that Braustin has ambitious plans on the dev side of things. It’s new programs that they want to start. And so I think that there’s plenty of room to grow there and learn new things as Braustin needs new things.

How has your experience at Braustin been so far?

Braustin’s been great so far.

Everybody’s been very nice and welcoming.

One of the things that really attracted me to Braustin was the customer testimonials. That customer loyalty and enthusiasm about a company says that we’re really doing something right.

In my role, I’m not customer-facing. I don’t really have any interaction with them. But knowing that we are a company that our customers love, tells me that I’m in a good place!

Just the idea of we’re building the company we want to work for. I appreciate that.

Anything you’ve learned along the way?

There’s no one right way to make it to do something. You put any set of developers together, each one is going to come up with a different way to get there. The things that I’m building are making it easier for customers to navigate the website, and find homes they like.

When it comes to traveling, would you prefer to see the beach or mountains?

Mountains definitely. They’re just way more interesting. Beach, they’re kind of the same everywhere.

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If the opportunity arose, would you hop on board to go to space?

You know, if you’d asked me that when I was a little kid, I would have told you I wanted to be an astronaut.

I would have said, “Absolutely, I’m going there.”

That was before the first time I got on an airplane and suddenly it wasn’t quite as appealing.

There’s still so much of this planet I haven’t seen, and I would like to do more exploring here. But I would also have totally be open to going into space if the opportunity arose.

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