Sydney Sanders Graphic Designer Copywriter for Braustin Homes
October 12, 2021

Meet the Team : Sydney Sanders

Meet Sydney Sanders! She currently serves our customers as the Graphic Designer + Copywriter, and has been with Braustin Homes since November of 2020. For a little less than a year now, Sydney has been an integral part of our team, and we are so excited to share her experience thus far!

This blog is based on the interview from this video. Feel free to check it out, or read along below.

The following transcript has been lightly edited for clarity purposes.

Hi, my name is Sydney Sanders. I’m from a small town called Beaumont, Texas, but I grew up here closer to San Antonio in a city called Converse, Texas.

I went to Judson High School.

It was everything I knew, just right across the street from my neighborhood, and it was the school that I looked forward to going to my whole life. In high school, I was in the HOSA program, and I actually wanted to be a Pharmacist for a long time.

Then when I joined the Technical Theater program, I discovered that I was really creative which steered my career path in a new direction.

How Did You Find Braustin?

I found Braustin through Indeed. I saw that there was a Graphic Design & Copywriting position open, so I quickly applied!

My first day here, I came in with a huge box of rice krispies that I made, packaged, and branded myself with my own little company that I started during the pandemic.

The company name was Sugar Crumb, with the tagline: “Have a Crumby Day.”

During the pandemic, so many people were facing various struggles and I wanted to twist the term “crumby day” into something positive. With my cookies, having a “crumby day” was a good thing, and a moment to forget some of your worries.

I lost my last job due to the pandemic, so it was also a way to keep myself busy while I was without employment, as well as restock my portfolio with new work as I designed everything myself.

When Braustin came along, it was like “FINALLY” I was given an opportunity! It was the first “YES” that I had heard in six months. I applied for over 200 jobs, I was told “NO” 43 times, and Braustin was my one “YES” that I got, so I was all in!

Just like the families we help get into homes, most have been told “NO” by other home dealerships. Braustin is their light at the end of the tunnel too!

How Does This Position Compare To Your Last?

The last company I worked for, there was a saying that would be tossed around, “It can wait until tomorrow, we’re not here saving babies.”

And working for Braustin, it feels like the exact opposite.

Not that we’re in the hospital saving babies, however, we have the opportunity to put a family in a home where their children have a warm place to sleep every night, a table to sit at and complete their homework, and in the end, that really sets them up for a structured future.

I’m glad I’m here, at a business with purpose, and I think that’s where I belong.

Tell Us About Who You Work Closely With.

I’m a member of the Creative Team, but I also work closely with Marketing and the Developers. I share an office space and work with Jorge and Wynton (featured in the photo above), so if they ever need any graphics to go along with their videos, they know who to call!

I also work with the Development Team most days. We had a huge project this summer and I’m really excited about how it turned out!

Do You Have A Good Support System In Your Family?

Oh yes!

My family’s been a huge part of how I have gotten this far. I have an incredibly supportive mom, she’s also highly creative herself, and I think she sees herself in me when I’m in my element.

Do You Have Any Pets?

Yes, I have two female Labrador Retrievers.

First is my Remington, she’s going to be nine this year, she is a chocolate lab. And of course, my Dakota, she’s four years old.

They are the loves of my life.

I feel like I grew up with Remi. I got her in college when I was 21. She really taught me a lot, taught me how to take care of something other than myself.

With my full-time job, I noticed that Remi needed a companion. What a great opportunity to give her a sister.

And it’s just been a match made in heaven ever since.

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