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June 15, 2023

Mobile Home HUD Standards: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been researching mobile homes for any time at all, you’ve probably seen information about mobile home HUD standards or code.

If you are purchasing a mobile home now, it will be built to HUD standards. Any mobile home built after 1976 is constructed according to standards that are created by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. As part of these strict standards, there are requirements for the home’s construction, fire safety, energy efficiency, and more. Moreover, a manufactured home’s certification label indicates that it complies with HUD standards.

Now that you know some general information, we want to get into more detail and share with you what you need to know about mobile home HUD standards, and where your HUD certification label can be found. 

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HUD Standards Equate to Quality & Safety

Before the implementation of the HUD building standard in 1976, the quality and safety of manufactured housing was a significant concern. The construction of houses was not regulated by the federal government, resulting in numerous inconsistencies. 

There’s good news… 

Today’s manufactured homes are the most consistently built out there. They are, in fact, the only type of construction subject to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development standard. 

With federal enforcement, thorough inspections, and the use of advanced technology in manufactured home construction, homeowners can enjoy mobile homes that have the same level of quality as comparable site-built homes.

Each phase of the construction process is met with a stringent inspection by a third-party agency to ensure everything being built meets all requirements set by the HUD.

What Are Some HUD Standards?

Homes built before 1976 don’t hold a candle to those built today. The HUD code is the only federal national building code. It regulates the design and construction of manufactured housing, ensuring strength, durability, and quality, as well as:


Although a manufactured home will probably only ever be transported from the factory to the home site or mobile home park, it is built on a steel chassis that ensures structural integrity on-site and during transportation.

Fire resistance

There are flame-retardant furnace and water heater compartments as well as egress escape windows in all bedrooms.

Energy efficiency 

The HUD code requires that manufactured homes have energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Homeowners save money on utilities with these standards in place.

The HUD Code additionally sets performance requirements for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal systems, and electrical systems.

What is a HUD Certification Label & Where is it Located?

A HUD certification label (or HUD tag) is a rectangular piece of metal attached to the exterior of a manufactured home. The label includes a number and three letters that indicate the state in which the house was built. There is also a unique 6-digit number assigned by the manufacturer of the home. 

The label is typically located on the back right corner of the mobile home’s exterior. It may also be on the “tongue” of the home or a frame corner. You’ll want to be aware of the location of your HUD certification tag so you can verify that it was built following the proper codes and standards, which will help ensure its safety and durability over time. 

The number on it can also be used to find information such as your home’s roof load zone, insulation type, and other information. It will also be extremely beneficial to have in place if you plan to refinance, relocate, or sell your home in the future. 

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all there is to it! 

HUD standards and regulations for manufactured homes are the best of the best in the real estate industry. They make certain that any mobile home is built to meet quality and safety standards. Because of the regulations and standards in place, you can feel good about your mobile home purchase. 

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