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August 9, 2022

“I Have My Own Slice of Texas”: Customer Spotlight

We say it all the time: our customers are our family. When you work with Braustin to buy a mobile home, the relationship doesn’t stop at closing. We genuinely care about the people we help; that doesn’t just turn off.

One customer-turned-family-member who has always been there for us is LeRoy Chavez. LeRoy was the first customer who bet on us for his mobile home when we were just starting Braustin Homes. We were lucky to meet someone like LeRoy—or maybe it was fate.

Regardless, LeRoy understood our vision right away. He grew up in a mobile home, so he knew the stereotypes weren’t true. He always dreamed of owning his own manufactured home one day. But on a mechanic’s budget, he wasn’t sure it would work.

But LeRoy has drive. He saved and was able to purchase land that would be perfect for his family of seven. All he needed was the right mobile home.

That’s where we stepped in. LeRoy was looking for a home that would comfortably fit his five kids. He imagined a deck where he and his wife could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, looking out over his land.

Sure enough, we could find the perfect home for the Chavez family. We spent the next couple of months preparing his property for factory-built home delivery. LeRoy said it was a beautiful process to share with his children. Together, they watched as, day by day, they got closer to their dream mobile home.

Today, the Chavez family enjoys their 2,100-square-foot manufactured home in their slice of Texas. Life is sweet for the family of seven because they save money owning a mobile home. LeRoy described how so many people scrimp and save to one day be able to enjoy life during retirement. He said, “Why wait till retirement to live life? Why not live in a manufactured home and enjoy life while you’re young enough to do so?”

We completely agree! If you, like LeRoy, see a vision for your future home and need guidance from mobile home experts, we would love to help. Contact us today, and one of our Housing Experts will reach out ASAP.

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