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November 9, 2023

The Long History of Mobile Homes and the Military

The military has a long-standing relationship with mobile homes, a connection that has evolved over the years to meet the unique needs of service members and their families. From providing quick, affordable housing solutions to veterans returning from World War II to the modern-day advantages of VA loans for purchasing manufactured homes, the synergy between the military and mobile homes is definitely worth celebrating! 

This article explores the historical background, current applications, military advantages and benefits, and of course the vital details regarding VA loans for mobile homes.

Historical Aspects

The Early Days

Did you know, the first American mobile homes were built in the 1870s as movable beachfront properties in North Carolina’s Outer Banks area? However, the modern concept of mobile homes began in 1926 with automobile-pulled trailers designed for camping trips.

Post-World War II Era

The end of World War II marked a significant turning point for mobile homes. Veterans returned home to find a housing shortage, and mobile homes provided an affordable and quickly built solution. These homes not only offered shelter but also the flexibility to move where employment opportunities were available. This period saw the evolution of trailers into what were then termed “mobile homes,” which were larger and included more amenities like bathrooms.

Modern Manufactured Homes

The term “manufactured homes” replaced “mobile homes” in 1980, reflecting advancements in construction standards and amenities. Today’s manufactured homes are built in factories and must conform to federal building codes. They offer a range of sizes and features, catering to various demographics, including military families.

Current Usage

Housing for Military Families

Manufactured homes are an excellent housing solution for military families, offering affordability and flexibility. They can be placed on military bases or in civilian communities, providing service members various options to suit their needs.

VA Loans for Manufactured Homes

VA loans have made it easier for service members and veterans to purchase manufactured homes. These loans often require no down payment and no monthly mortgage insurance, making them an attractive option for military families. However, not all VA-approved lenders offer loans for manufactured homes, so it’s essential to find a lender that does.

Why Mobile Homes are Great for the Military


Manufactured homes are generally less expensive than traditional homes, making them an affordable option for military families on a budget.


The mobile nature of these homes offers the flexibility to move for deployments, job changes, or other life events.

VA Loans

VA loans for manufactured homes come with several benefits, including lower down payments, lower interest rates, and the possibility of including land in the loan package.

VA Loans: What You Should Know

Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible for a VA loan for a manufactured home, the home must meet specific guidelines, including minimum property requirements and a permanent foundation.

Types of VA Loans

You can use a VA loan to buy a mobile home and lot simultaneously, refinance an existing loan, or even use a VA streamline refinance to lower the rate on a mobile home you already own.

Finding a Lender

Finding a lender that offers VA loans for manufactured homes can be challenging but not impossible. Companies like Veterans United do provide such loans under specific conditions.

Celebrating our Veterans at Braustin

The history of the military using mobile homes is a testament to the adaptability and resilience of service members and their families. From the post-World War II era to the present day, manufactured homes have offered affordable, flexible housing solutions, further facilitated by the benefits of VA loans. As we celebrate this enduring relationship, it’s clear that manufactured homes will continue to serve the unique needs of our military community for years to come.

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