May 5, 2022

Moving into a Mobile Home This Summer? Try These Tips

Did you know, summertime is the most popular time to move? Yep! In fact, it is estimated that 80% of moves happen between April and September. It makes sense because school is out so families have more free time to pack up their homes and move. 

That said, just because summer is the most popular time to move, doesn’t mean that it is the easiest. With the muggy hot weather here in San Antonio, it’s no wonder many families struggle with planning a move during this time. 

Fortunately, here at Braustin Homes, we are very familiar with the ins and outs of moving from helping so many families find their dream homes. Therefore, we have complied this list for you of the best summer moving tips we could find. 

Get Ahead of the Curve 

As mentioned above, summer is the most popular time to move into a new home. That means that the demand is higher for moving companies. Therefore, expect that your local mover’s schedule will fill up quickly, so it’s best to book them as soon as you know when you’re moving.  Ideally, you would start looking for professional mobile home moving companies as early as six-to-eight weeks before the actual moving day.

If you want to avoid the blazing heat, you may also want to pack up your mobile home belongings several days before your move and be as organized as possible. With so much to do on a moving day, planning ahead of time will give you room to breathe and avoid the final rush to get to your mobile home. Remember, rushing means sweating, and we want to do less of that in the blazing hot Texas sun! 

Move on the Least Busy Day

The busiest time of the week for movers in the weekend. This is because most people are working during the week so they have to fit their move in on their free time. Therefore, if you can plan your mobile home move for the middle of the week, you will have better luck booking a moving company. The advantage here is also that you may get a lower rate. Also keep in mind that the beginning and the end of every month are also packed, so you may want to avoid these days as well.

Budget for Higher Prices 

Winter is the least expensive time to move because the demand is at its lowest. Prices may be a full 15 percent or more discounted from summer months. If you have to move between April and September, you simply have to accept that summer is the most expensive time to move. Everything from moving containers to moving companies is in high demand during the summer months, and hiring them will cost you more.

When you’re moving on a tight budget, it’s only natural that you will be looking for good ways to reduce the moving cost. Relocating on the least busy days will be one of those tricks to help you reduce those costs.

Start the Move Early in the Day

To beat the heat, it’s crucial to move early in the morning. Heatstroke is a real danger when moving in the summer. Remember to stay hydrated if you’re doing strenuous activity, and wear light clothing, so you don’t overheat. Moving day is not the day to worry about being stylish.

It’s also not the time to be uncomfortable. If you’re moving in the summer heat, you need to wear light materials. In addition to beating the heat, you’re also more likely to beat the traffic by starting the move early. Aim to begin around 8:00 am, or earlier if possible. If you aren’t an early bird, moving late in the evening may be another choice, when the temperatures cool down again. 

Mobile home living is growing in popularity. The number of mobile home residents continues to grow, with many people downsizing (selling their property) or choosing mobile home living to be their retirement homes. Or simply, others stop renting to have their own home.

Moving into a mobile home is exciting, but the process can be tedious during summer. Known as the prime time for many people (site-built home and mobile homeowners alike), you may want to plan ahead of time and have a clear blueprint.

Find Your Mobile Home Today

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