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Pricing Increases: What We Know So Far

Last Chance to Buy Before Price Increase

As all of you who follow Braustin know, we hate drama and gimmicky promotions. Yet, when something big is coming, we feel like you want to know. A few days ago we received word from some of our factories that they will likely increase their prices 10-15% at the beginning of January.

Long story short: lumber prices went up about 50% during the last 30 days.

The least expensive homes could go up $6,000 and the luxury mobile homes could go up more than $30,000.

Since every home is made with a lot of lumber, these price increases will likely hit every mobile home manufacturer and every mobile home dealer.

Prices look like they are about to spike for everybody.

So, how do you keep from spending thousands of dollars extra?

  • One way is to close on a home before the price increase in January.
  • A second way is to buy a stock model home sitting on a dealer lot, but dealer inventories are low, and the price increase will mean home buyers will quickly snatch up the remaining homes in stock.

We know with the holidays coming on, most people put off buying a home, but if you can afford the time to shop for a home, you still have hope to avoid the huge increase.

Since no one likes bad surprises, we wanted to let you know.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

The Braustin Team


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