Christmas ornaments hanging on a tree
December 13, 2017

Simple, Easy Holiday Decorations for Your Mobile Home

A Break for the Overwhelmed and Busy this Christmas

Christmas ornaments hanging on a tree
Giving the toddler free reign to decorate the Christmas tree

Christmas is hands down my favorite season. Over the years I’ve collected boxes and boxes of decorations—miles of garland, pounds of glitter, and heaps of ornaments.

This year, however, I took one look at my mountain of Christmas insanity and wanted to close the shed and forget it was there.

I was tired! I couldn’t help but thinks of my kids, (two year old and six month old) and instead of wanting to show the magic of Christmas, all I saw was a lot of work, stress, and extra bother that, frankly, this working mama did not need in her life.

But then I realized just because I had all those decorations didn’t mean I had to use all of them.

I know–DUH.

A sign saying "a balanced diet is a Christmas cookie in each hand" hung on a Christmas tree
A balanced diet IS a Christmas cookie in each hand!

Honestly, though, I’d gotten so caught up in going ALL OUT, that I was convinced it had to be all or nothing.

But isn’t the point of Holiday hype for the kids? My toddler certainly wasn’t concerned with whether or not we put up two trees, wrapped our entire house in lights, and filled every available vessel with hundreds of ornaments.

Wedding ornament hanging on a Christmas tree
One of my favorite wedding photos framed for the tree

So, if you needed it, here’s permission to scale back, keep it simple, and enjoy this time of year for yourself and children. With that being said, here’s a list of 10 ideas to decorate your mobile home simply and meaningfully. Use all, one, or none and just have a Merry Christmas!

  1. Decorate your tree with only sentimental or unique ornaments instead of 200 hundred tedious fillers
  2. Hang ornaments from light fixtures or indoor plants to add out-of-the-box flair
  3. Fill empty vases or decorative bowls with ornaments or poinsettias
  4. Consider a smaller Christmas tree to decorate more easily and take up less area
  5. Use a nativity set as your table centerpiece
  6. Stack “gifts” in unlikely places—on a desk, book shelf, end table, or fireplace hearth
  7. Line only the windows and door of your mobile home instead of the roof
  8. Use net lights on decks or railings instead of wrapping single strands
  9. Hang lights around windows indoors as well as out
  10. Position your Christmas tree in front of a window with parted curtains to add to outdoor décor
Christmas lights hung on a home
I love a mish-mash of different lights–there’s no rules!

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. And, unfortunately, Christmas can turn into a time of “must-do’s” instead of what we actually want to do.

As someone who always dreamed of owning a home, filling it with Holiday Cheer, and creating traditions with my children, it’s easy to get caught up in the need for perfection.

This year, however, I do not regret only stringing up a few lights and leaving the tree sparsely ornamented, because every time we pull into the driveway my son giddily exclaims, “Look mom, it’s a pretty Christmas!”

Boy walking down outside staircase light up with Christmas lights
“Look mom! It’s a pretty Christmas!”

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