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Six Years Ago

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Six Years Ago

Six years ago, a company was formed to address the blatant inequalities present within the mobile home industry, knowing that the working class simply deserved better. These brothers honor this concept of “upfront pricing and an education-focused sales approach” by forming Braustin Mobile Homes. 

Do you ever wonder why Braustin “guarantees the lowest prices on the same mobile homes?” The experiences of these three brothers forged a drive within them to treat the working class with the respect and honor they deserve. Our prices are a reflection of that. Our customer service team is trained to help, guide, and tactically place families and individuals into homes that provide an advantage to the working class.

At Braustin, we do not “sell” mobile homes. At Braustin, we do everything in our power to make working-class families more powerful through grace, empathy, guidance, and care.

Six years ago, Braustin Mobile Homes was formed. Since then we’ve been honored to serve 2,190 days with you.

And as the humble writer of this blog, I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you, Texas. Thank you, Braustin. And a big “thank you” to the mother and father who raised three incredible sons into what they would become. They have the biggest hearts I’ve seen in business. Happy birthday, Braustin.


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