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September 16, 2022

Using Smart Technology in Your Mobile Home

We are fortunate to have access to incredible technology in 2022 for our mobile homes. Whether you’re reading this on your computer, tablet, or phone, you have experienced the power and convenience of using technology to better your life. So why not use this tool to make your home the best it can be?

Once you have found the right mobile home for sale in San Antonio, you’re ready to transform it with technology. You may worry about the cost of a smart home, but it can be quite affordable to add just a few features to take your abode to the next level.

It also may surprise you how easy it is to turn a manufactured home into a smart home. If you have wifi, you are already set up to make your household run smoother with technology. 

Smart Home Fatures: Control your lights with a touch of a button. Save on bills with a smart thermostat. Secure your home with a system that can alert you on your phone.

What Is A Smart Mobile Home? 

You may have heard the term “smart home,” but it can mean several different things. In a smart mobile home, some functions are automated or remote-controlled. Usually, it is connected via smartphone and wifi. The smart products installed in your home can also control themselves to save money; for example, a smart thermostat adjusts itself to cut energy costs. 

Common Smart Technology in Mobile Homes

Here are some common smart products used to enhance mobile homes. 

Wi-Fi Extender

If you live in a double-wide mobile home in San Antonio, you may find that your wifi does not cover your entire space. If you are struggling with a weak wifi connection, an extender may be just the ticket for ensuring your technology helps make life smoother. 

USB Power Outlets

It’s typical for manufactured homes to have a limited number of outlets. This can present an issue if you have many smart devices that must be charged daily. One way to remedy this problem is by installing USB power outlets. They have traditional electrical outlets but also several USB ports too.

You can easily swap out your current outlet and install a USB power outlet, or you can buy a USB adapter that simply plugs into your standard outlet. With a USB power outlet, you always have a USB connection and can charge your phone, tablet, or camera anywhere in the house, with or without the charger, and without using your standard outlets.

Smart Lights

Picture this: you are running out the door in a rush and are already 10 minutes from home when you realize you left your lights on. With electricity bills being what they are now, this can be a costly mistake. Fortunately, with smart lights, you can control your lights in your mobile home from your smartphone! You can program the lights to turn on and off at certain times, alter the color, and dim the lights too.

These smart lights screw into a light outlet like any other bulb, but they connect to your house’s Wi-Fi. With an app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can see when these lights are on wherever you are and can control them via an internet/data connection.

Keyless Locks

Do you have trouble remembering your keys? This doesn’t have to be a constant struggle for you. You can upgrade your front door’s locking mechanism and improve the security of your home with a keyless entry system.

There are a few different keyless entry systems. The more affordable systems include a keypad, and the more advanced systems work with your smartphone and special key tags. With the advanced systems, you connect the lock to your wifi network. It releases whenever someone with a key tag, credit card, or phone programmed into the system gets close to it. 

Remote Monitoring System

If you want to enhance the security of your mobile home, there are plenty of smart features to give you greater peace of mind. There are many great remote monitoring systems and security cameras for every budget. The most convenient uses wifi connectivity so that you can see what’s going on in your home via smartphone. It’s great for checking up on babysitters and pets though it’s best use is to have evidence of your break-ins.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats have become more advanced over the last few years. You can buy a standard programmable thermostat for less than $25, allowing you to set temperatures based on the time. The more expensive thermostats include additional features. This thermostat connects to your wifi so you can adjust the settings from your smartphone. It also has a sophisticated weather station for both indoor and outdoor temperatures. 

As you can see, you can add many simple and affordable features to your home to make it smarter. We are here for you when you’re looking for a mobile home for sale in San Antonio! Contact Braustin Homes to connect with one of our Housing Consultants today.

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