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February 5, 2020

Storage Solutions in Your Mobile Home

While mobile homes offer the most affordable home square footage in the real estate market, the limited amount of customization presents a unique challenge for storage. This can either be looked at as a problem or, as I like to think of it, an opportunity to get creative.

In this blog, we’ll look at how to maximize the potential storage solutions in your mobile home.


The first step to solving your storage dilemma is to get organized. Each space should be sorted through, and unnecessary items should be sold, donated, or disposed of. Before finding a place to store all your stuff, make sure all the items you have, are things you use.

Next, look for opportunities to add shelving in your spaces. Any place a room has a large, unused area is an opportunity for shelves, either prefabricated or built-in. The great thing about shelving is that it can be designed for any style and comes in an incredible range of sizes.

Shelves can be installed halfway down in closets, adding usable storage space between the hanging clothes and floor. Another underutilized space can be the upper corners of a bathroom where shelves can be used for additional linens, towels, and toiletries.

One TRU Thrill homeowner utilized space in their utility room to add some shelves with farmhouse industrial flare. This would also make a great storage solution for small kitchen appliances (food processor, mixer, toaster, etc.) or canned and boxed food goods.

Baskets and Boxes

Now, I’ll admit not everything you need to store looks Pinterest worthy on their own, but I have a solution for that, too.


Baskets and pretty boxes.

If you ever needed an excuse to run to Ross, Target, or Marshall’s, here is the perfect one. You can take any necessary but unsightly items, throw them in a basket and completely camouflage them to display on open shelving.

Baby toys, books, chargers, out of season clothing, DVD’s, exercise equipment, you name it! Rather than packing them up in a cardboard box to store in a musty basement, you can keep it all right within arm’s reach and make them part of your home décor.


Other, less decorative storage solutions in your mobile home, include simple changes such as more stackable dishware, thinner closet hangers, and strategic hooks for dish towels, aprons, coffee cups, and more.

More obvious storage solutions sometimes overlooked are found in the simple use of furniture. A TV cabinet in the living room, an ottoman instead of a coffee table, and a stylish dresser as an entrance table rather than a small open console all make for great furniture options that offer extra storage.

Other missed opportunities in storage are found in the space under beds. There are many options in bed frame furniture that offer built-in drawers, but if that isn’t an option for you, slender storage containers with small castors are available that provide essentially the same function.

If you institute some of these ideas in your new mobile home, I think you’ll find there is more storage opportunity than you originally thought possible!

Just remember, start by downsizing your belongings, take time to think about the functionality of your spaces, maximize unused spaces with shelving, and fill your home with furniture and décor that doubles as storage to make sure there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place!

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