Largest mobile homes at an affordable price.
September 1, 2021

Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including Our Largest Mobile Homes!

Do you have a large family that you are looking to house comfortably?

Maybe you have a handful of teenagers that are begging you for their own rooms.

But when you go to do research online, you see that large homes in your area range from $260,000 – $500,000!

Is all hope lost???

Nope! In fact, you’re in luck!

Braustin Homes has a solution that will house everyone in your family comfortably, is just as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside, and most importantly, is affordable!

What Are My Largest Mobile Home Options?

Double Wides, of course!

As our largest mobile homes, double wides are created with two home sections that join together to create one home. This allows for twice the width of a single wide home, and in most – the option for an open floor plan with a large quantity of square feet available.

We are only going to highlight a few of our largest mobile homes, but feel free to check out all of our large homes over 2,000 square feet.

Largest Mobile Homes Clayton Epic Summit

Clayton Epic – Summit

Starting out our double wide category is one of our newer models, the Clayton Epic – Summit.

This double wide home is the largest mobile home in Clayton’s “Epic” series of three.

As mentioned, this home has 2280 sq. ft. of available living space and supports 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Crossing over the threshold, you will immediately notice the open floor plan that highlights both the living room and the kitchen areas.

With soft grey walls, light wooden finishes, and cool toned countertops throughout the home, this home has a refreshing and elevated feel all on its own. It is just waiting on your furniture and décor as a final touch before you can truly call it home.

While the kitchen area does not have quite as much counter space as some of our other double wides, but it does have a unique area for a coffee bar, as well as an extra-long island which is super unique to this series only!

This space also opens conveniently to a very nice mud room where your washer and dryer will reside.

The dishes, the laundry, and the meal planning can all be completed within a few paces of each other.

In addition to the 4 bedrooms, the Summit also has the added luxury of a den and a flex room. As one of our largest mobile homes available, this open area has the potential to serve as an office space, an additional living room, a playroom if you have children, or anything your mind can imagine!

Opening up your home to the in-laws to retire, or welcoming another member into your family?

No problem! You also have the choice of turning one of these extra spaces into an additional bedroom if you desire.

Speaking of bedrooms, we cannot forget to mention the primary bedroom! The room itself is very generously sized and can truly act as your evening escape from reality as you close the door behind you.

Largest Mobile Homes Summit Bath

Everything you’ll need to start and end the day can be found in this private oasis as the space hosts a very accommodating primary bathroom, not quite as luxurious as the previous home mentioned, but very chic in its own way! Equipped with a side-by-side sink and vanity area, a combined bath and shower unit to retain space, as well as an abundance of drawer space for organizing your personal hygiene products.

Cluttered counterspace will never be an issue in this bathroom!

Thought we were done bragging? Think again!

Largest Mobile Homes Summit Floor Plan

There’s an extra-long walk-in closet tucked away towards the back of the bathroom, and it has plenty of space to put all your clothes and any additional things that you may need to store.

  • Do you have a shoe collection that needs a place to be displayed? Check!
  • Are your winter jackets too puffy to fit in the hallway closet? This closet has room for those too!
  • Need a safe place to hide the presents during the holiday season? Check!

This closet has you covered!

Largest Mobile Homes Clayton Schult Savannah

Clayton Schult – Savannah

Next up is the Clayton Schult – Savannah.

This charming home steals the show with an outstanding 2280 sq. ft. The floor plan of this home features 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, as well as custom options such as swapping the walk-in closet for a home office or retreat.

Largest Mobile Homes Savannah Living Room

As you walk into the home, you’re greeted by the living room.

This space provides tons of natural light that will warm the room and welcome any guest with charm and delight. From the living room, you can walk right into the kitchen or the primary bedroom.

The primary bedroom includes a huge walk-in closet with built-in organizational shelving and wooden dowls for hanging that wrap around the entire room. Centering the space is a lovely chest of drawers, topped with laminate counter-space, which is a perfect spot to fold a small load of laundry before putting it away in the drawers.

Bonus points for productivity!

Stepping back out of the closet and through a sliding barn door, you’ll spot the primary bathroom, which comes equipped with an absolutely gorgeous double sink vanity, a soaking tub, and a standing shower.

Whether you want to get ready for the day, or wash the day off entirely, this bathroom is ready to accommodate your every need.

Largest Mobile Homes Savannah Kitchen

What’s that? I smell freshly baked muffins! Let’s go check those out in the kitchen!

First off, the amount of counter space is outstanding, along with a beautiful kitchen island, and endless opportunity for organization in the built-in cabinets.

Did someone say, walk-in pantry?

This is every Pinterest Mom’s dream come true!

  • Need room for the baking ingredients? Check!
  • Have a ton of canned goods saved up over the years that need to be stored? Check!
  • Have picky eaters who all like different brands of cereal and need shelves to line the boxes along? Check!
  • Have a large dog-food container that requires room temperature storage on the floor? Yep, this pantry has room for that too!

The benefits of this large mobile home don’t end there…

Largest Mobile Homes Savannah Floor Plan

Next up within this open floor plan is the very welcoming family room.

This spacious area is perfect for hosting family and friends during the weekends or serves as a relaxing space to unwind after work during the week.

Speaking of getting cozy, continuing through, you will see one of the additional bedrooms. This connects directly to the guest bathroom, which can also be accessed without having to cut through the space itself.

The final two bedrooms will connect with a Jack and Jill style bathroom. Perfect for the kids to get ready in the morning and brush their teeth together but also provides privacy while washing up for the evening.

*** Due to the build times, we wanted to note that this particular home takes longer for delivery due to the pandemic, but lead times continue to improve!
Largest Mobile Homes Custom Options if Clayton Built Home

Any Additional Amenities?

The amazing thing about our Clayton built homes is that they are fully customizable to fit your dream home aesthetic!

  • Would you like a different color paint? Check!
  • Maybe you would prefer stone backsplash instead of tile… Check!
  • Are the stained wood finishes too dark for your lifestyle? They’ve got lighter finishes or even pure white options too! Check & Check!

We will mention that although customization is available, it will add on time to the building process.

For example, if you were to buy a home that was a stock model, the move-in turnaround is almost instant, while the customized selections will push move-in day out upwards of 9 months.

On the bright side, all these homes include energy efficient appliances, fiberglass tubs and showers, 2-inch plantation blinds throughout, and truly so much more!

The possibilities of your dream home are virtually limitless with a Clayton built home!

Largest Mobile Homes Single Wides
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What Are My Single Wide Options?

Looking for a large mobile home, but not quite needing as much total square footage as the homes previously discussed? Well, in that case, we have several more options just for you!

A single wide is a fully built home that tends to be longer, but of course, as described in the name, half as wide as double wide homes – and even better, they are typically half the price as well!

Let’s dive into our largest single wide mobile home!

Largest Mobile Homes TRU Homes Grand

Single Wide: TRU Homes – Grand

This TRU Homes – Grand is perfect for housing your family while being the least expensive option in this article. At just 1,039 sq. ft. of available living space, this home is the largest single wide that we currently have available and supports 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Yep, you read that correctly4 bedrooms!

Largest Mobile Homes Grand Living Room

But the most notable part of this home is definitely the living room.

Want to know why?

Well, just because this home is half the width of the other homes discussed in this article, the living room alone proves how an open floor plan can truly makeup for the decrease in space.

The living space opens right up to the kitchen, allowing ease of access to and from without overcrowding the area, so you can host friends and family all the same.

The bedrooms in this home are very cozy!

Unlike the double wide homes, these rooms aren’t as generous in space, but serve their purpose without a hitch! And you just can’t beat the fact that this home has 4 bedrooms to accommodate everyone in your family!

The primary bedroom is large enough to showcase a queen-sized bed as well as two nightstands, while also displaying a window to let in a ton of natural light which really opens up the look of the room!

Largest Mobile Homes Grand Bath

Connected to the main bedroom is the primary bathroom that has everything you need!

This quaint bathroom comes equipped with a shower/tub combined unit to save on space, a sink and vanity setup, as well as a step-in closet.

Largest Mobile Homes Grand Floor Plan

So that’s it: Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including Our Largest Mobile Homes! This article has been updated to reflect change over time. Follow the links in this page to view the homes and their virtual tours. We would love to answer any of your questions on our Facebook page or through our contact form.

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