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December 2, 2020

Top 5 Largest Mobile Homes for Sale

Do you have a really big family or maybe you are just finding it hard to host guests comfortably within your home?

Let’s get rid of some of that unwanted stress and chat about our top 5 largest mobile homes! These are huge homes at various price points, so whether you need to maximize your budget or you want the best of the best, there is a perfect home that is waiting for your family!

Schult mobile home model Savannah kitchen view 10

Clayton Schult – Savannah: 2280 sq. ft. – Best of the Best Home

Let’s start out with the “Best of the Best” within our selection of large homes. The Savannah model supports 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and is laid out in a way that allows an open view into both the Living Room as well as the Family Room – which can really come in handy while multitasking in the Kitchen area.

We know how it goes when you’ve got to keep one eye on the oven, one eye on the stove top, and both eyes on the back of your head to keep watch of the kids. This floor plan makes the hustle and the bustle a little easier on busy parents.

The convenience of this mobile home doesn’t stop there, as the Savannah also supports an extra room apart from the three spare bedrooms to occupy as office space or an extra storage area.

Working from home has never been so easy and accessible!

But honestly, this might be one of our favorite parts of this home… After a long tireless day, the chaos stops at the Master Suite as it has not one, but two walk-in closets.

Yes, you read that correctly! TWO walk-in closets!

Ladies, if you feel the need to take ownership of both – that’s up to your discretion. No judgement on our end! That’s between you, and the color coordination that’s about to take place in those closets.

Go on, and have at it! See the Savannah.

Patriot mobile home model Hamilton primary bathroom view 1

Clayton Patriot – The Hamilton: 2200 sq. ft. – Home with the Best Standard Features

The Clayton Patriot series never disappoints! You’ll want to check out this line of homes if you are looking for the style to match the size.

The Hamilton supports 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a Kitchen, a Dining area, both a Living Room and a Den, as well as a Utility Room!

Can you believe that?

But that’s not all… Oh yeah, there’s more, and we can’t wait until you can see this model for yourself. But before you click over to check out our virtual tour, let’s talk features!

We are so excited to share the absolutely stunning features such as an easy to keep clean Smooth Top Oven Range, heat safe Granite Countertops, eye catching Designer Cabinet Hardware, conversation starting Tray Ceilings with beams in the living room, and did we mention an energy saving Ecobee Smart Thermostat?

Scratch out all of the glitz and glam – let’s talk about the money-saving technology!

Did you know, that this device has voice control options and can save you up to 23% annually on your heating or cooling costs? Who doesn’t love saving a little extra cash?!

Think about how much you could potentially save long-term just by going about your normal day with the eco-friendly technology already built into your home.

Now that’s a pretty sweet deal – if we do say so ourselves! Check out the Hamilton.

Tru Homes Triumph model mobile home kitchen

TRU Homes – Triumph: 2001 sq. ft. – Lowest Priced Giant Home

Manufactured housing doesn’t mean you have to settle for less, that’s actually a pretty common misconception. In fact, the Triumph has what it takes to accommodate everyone and more!

Quite the triumphant achievement, if you ask us!

Picture this: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a Kitchen, Dining Room and a Utility Room that connects to the back entry of the home.

No more dirty boots tracking in filth throughout the house! This “Mud Room” as we like to call it, is a great space to strip off the grime of the day before completely coming inside.

The less of a mess, the better!

Does this home sound like a match, yet?

Imagine the feeling of walking into your private and spacious master suite after a long day out on the job, or how about the possibility of having plenty of room to host guests during the holidays, and still having the space to comfortably pitch a pillow fort for the kids to enjoy!

If space is what you’re looking for, space is what we’ve got! See the Triumph.

Fleetwood Berkshire 32624B Kitchen viewed from dining area

Fleetwood Berkshire: 1860 sq. ft. – Best Mid-Range Home

Are you a home buyer looking to have a bit more creative control when it comes to tailoring the layout and finishes of your potential dream home?

Look no further!

Customization options and varying floor plans were top of mind when we decided to start carrying Fleetwood nearly three years ago.

Wow! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

The standard for this style mobile home is the 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms layout, but… (and this is the good kind of “but”, not the we regret to inform you kind of “but”) …the layout can be easily upgraded to include an additional bedroom as well as a third bathroom.

Talk about an UPGRADE! 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms!?

We are just as amazed and as excited as you are!

The Fleetwood Berkshire is truly one of kind as the home buyer has so many options to choose from while customizing each and every detail from the colors to the finishes in their home. This option is on the higher end of pricing, but offers a great range of desirable options as the custom built home of your dreams!

clayton developer mobile home model stewart primary bathroom view 1

Clayton Developer – Stewart: 1783 sq. ft. – Best Home with Covered Porch

Last but certainly not least, we can’t leave off without chatting about the Clayton Developer series.

Have you ever just looked at something, and it just felt like deja vu?

Well, that’s how we see this classic model, as it welcomes everyone with the familiar comforts of home.

The Stewart model has a floor plan with 3 great sized bedrooms, with 2 accommodating bathrooms, a Kitchen, a Dining Area, and a Utility Room that also connects to the Steel Rear Out-swing Door. We love a good “Mud Room!”

The interior is very inviting with a stunning Vinyl Foyer Entry, a beautifully Central Focused Fireplace, Recessed Can Lighting, and Warm Wooden Finishes. With a connecting Kitchen, Dining Area and Living Room, this open space is sure to provide optimal comfort and ease of access while entertaining guests or just enjoying a lazy Football-Sunday.

Either way, pass the chips back over to this side of the room!

Getting some fresh air will be easy, as the exterior of this mobile home has a quite unique semi-wrap around Front Porch. Just picture yourself starting your day, sipping a piping hot mug of coffee, rocking back and forth all while watching the sun rise.

Wow, what a great way to start off the mornin, in the Stewart!

Patriot mobile home model Hamilton exterior

Listen, we know how expensive it is to be able to afford the costs behind having a big immediate or extended family, so our base pricing is set with that in mind. The comfort in knowing that we are able to provide extra elbow room for everyone within your household through our largest mobile homes at a reasonable cost, is what truly matters to us.

Imagine buying a home that meets your family’s needs, fits everyone comfortably, and comes at a price that is actually affordable. Let us help you bring this idea to reality!

So that’s it: Top 5 Largest Mobile Homes for Sale. Follow the links in this page to view the homes virtual tours. We’d love to answer any of your pending questions on our Facebook page or through our Contact Form.

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