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October 10, 2022

Trick-or-Treat! Spooky Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Mobile Home.

It’s October, which means it’s officially Spooky Season! If you own a mobile home in Texas, you’re probably thinking about Halloween decorations (if you haven’t already decked out your decor with goblins and ghouls). One of the most fun parts of Halloween is handing out candy to adorable trick-or-treaters. The best way to ensure they know to visit your house is to turn it into an eye-catching haunted house!

Here are our best tips for decorating your mobile home for Halloween:

DIY Halloween Decorations for Your Mobile Home

You don’t have to blow your budget on expensive Halloween decorations. Plenty of DIY options will add a spooky element to your mobile home! Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Giant Spider: This craft is a simple way to add a creepy crawly into your Halloween decor.
  • Ghost Lights: These little ghosts are an adorable way to light your path, making them a practical and cute option. 
  • Bat Decorations: These cute bats are a great craft for the kids that will look adorable hanging from your tree branches or the roof of your mobile home.
  • Jack-O-Lanterns: It’s not Halloween without pumpkin carving! Here are some unique ideas if you are looking for a more creative twist on this tradition.
  • Ghostly Drapes: These simple drapes are a great way to add a spooky touch to your entrance. 

Setting up a Haunted Mobile Home

After you set up your DIY Halloween decorations, you may decide you want to go all out and do a haunted house. One of the advantages of living in Texas is that is still warm enough to gather outside! Creating an outdoor haunted house allows you to gather your neighbors together without having to invite everyone into your mobile home. If you are in a single-wide mobile home, this is a particular concern! Don’t worry about limited space by turning your outdoor space into a spooky palace. 

Here are some considerations to make: 

  • Providing lights. It’s a Halloween party, after all. You’re probably going to want to stay outside after dark. You can incorporate the decorative process into this by crafting creepy lanterns (think spider legs and scary faces.)  
  • Entertaining guests (and their children) with fun, outdoorsy games. This can be done in any number of ways. It’s really up to you to decide which games will be the most fun for your guests. We love the idea of Halloween cornhole, for example.
  • And, of course, decorations! Since you have more room outside, you can take up a little more space with your decorations and get everyone in the mood to eat candy and tell scary stories. Some fun DIY decor for outdoor haunted houses might include a fake crime scene or a spooky graveyard. Whatever you choose, your guests will love the creepy vibe your outdoor decorations provide!

We hope this blog helps you turn your mobile home into a haunted house you will always remember! If you are looking for a mobile home for sale in Texas, we would love to help. Contact our mobile home dealership in San Antonio to learn more!

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