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January 13, 2021

What Does It Mean to Be the Nation’s 1st Virtual Home Dealership?

In the beginning stages of Braustin Homes, we started without a physical location. Our goal was to introduce new technology that allowed us to help people buy a home, even hundreds of miles away, without ever having to visit the dealership.

But how are we different from everyone else in the industry?

Spoiler Alert: because we are the Nation’s 1st Virtual Home Dealership, you can now buy a home safer, easier, and at the lowest price compared with anywhere else.

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It Just Makes Sense

Take a moment to think about the changes in how we do life today. We visit our doctor, attend classes, order groceries for pick up or delivery, and even purchase a vehicle virtually.

Could buying a home be just as easy? Yes! In fact, we’ve made it our mission to make home buying just that easy!

With the goal of helping people buy entirely online and over the phone, we imagined what it would take if someone were to go through the entire home buying journey from the comforts of their couch. We quickly figured out how our customers could tour homes, consult with our Sales Specialists, and even sign paperwork without having to physically visit our dealership.

However, we understand that there are folks that still enjoy the traditional way of doing things. So, when we heard they preferred to “kick the tires” and tour our homes in person, we figured out a solution to let our customers tour a home at a dealership without a sales team member physically onsite.

By designing and implementing the nation’s first virtual home dealership, we not only made the home buying process easier, but safer and more cost effective for everyone involved. It’s no longer necessary to keep leaving home and driving all the way down to a dealership, just to complete a ton of stuff that could have been done all while sitting on your couch. Our new normal has streamlined the process, saving everyone time, which in turn, saves everyone money!

Client talking to a sales rep remotely while touring a mobile home at the Braustin Atascosa dealership

The Bigger Picture

At Braustin, we also believe the more you understand the home buying process, the more satisfied you will be with your overall experience. Through our upfront pricing, transparent communication, and education-based sales practices, we hope to empower home buyers with the information they need to become confident homeowners.

Let’s break down our vision:

  • Doing business virtually keeps our costs down which keeps your price down.
  • We can run our business with less people than a similar size traditional home dealership.
  • Less people equals lower costs on our end, which means we can pass that savings on to you.
  • It all fits in our larger mission, providing homes at an affordable price so more people can become homeowners of a home they love.
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How Has Covid Impacted Braustin?

We created our virtual dealership long before the first reports of Coronavirus hit the newsstands. We didn’t develop a virtual dealership for Coronavirus, we already had it all in place!

Doing business virtually put us ahead of the curve in safety from the very start. Unlike most companies, we didn’t have to slap a band aid on the way we do business to make you feel safe because our solution was already in place using technology to easily shop, tour, and buy a home.

When the CDC standards were announced, we didn’t have to change much. What we designed to make life easier for our customers just so happened to also provide the ultimate “social distancing” as people work with our sales team 100 miles away. We have used this process for years, so other than sterilizing our homes on a regular basis, wearing masks, and getting weekly COVID tests, we were already good to go!

We are the safest, easiest and lowest priced home dealership in the nation by design! It’s truly as simple as that.

Alberto Piña with the Buter family

You Can Trust The Process

Meet the Butler’s!

This family was actually one of Braustin’s very first completely virtual customers in 2017. From start to finish, we didn’t meet up with them in person until the day we drove to their house for a video interview, which was some time after they had moved into and lived in their new home.

To hear more on the Butler Family’s experience, check out their awesome story here:

So that’s it: What Does It Mean to Be the Nation’s 1st Virtual Home Dealership? Follow the links in this page to read more information on each topic. We would love to chat with you or hear about your experience on our Facebook page or through our Contact Form.

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