January 8, 2020

What is a VOG Wall?

Today we are talking about one of the most common wall types used in mobile homes, known as vinyl-over-gypsum, or VOG, as we’ll refer to it today. Another wall finish available in mobile homes is what is known as “tape-and-texture” which we’ll discuss more in a separate blog.

Above: A video comparing tape-and-texture walls with VOG Walls

VOG walls are simply a 3/8” or 1/2” drywall pre-finished in a vinyl coating. These vinyl coatings come in many different patterns and colors, and, depending on the manufacturer, may be pre-selected for installation by the factory or custom selected by the home buyer.

Benefits of VOG Walls

VOG walls are a less expensive wall finish, mostly due to the limited labor involved. Rather than filling in seams, texturing, and painting an entire house, VOG panels are installed and pre-wrapped matching “batten” strips are installed to cover each seam.

The vinyl coating on the VOG wall type is also easier to clean than painted and textured walls. Crayons, marker, dirty fingerprints, and other common wall messes can be wiped off with regular household cleaning products rather than needing to be repainted.

Because of this durability and easy cleaning, VOG walls stay looking new longer than a painted wall. Not only do VOG walls clean well, but the method of installation and vinyl material make this wall type less susceptible to cracks caused by home settling, requiring even less maintenance.

VOG Wall at a corner
Close-up of a VOG wall at a corner near the ceiling.

VOG Walls are Affordable

The VOG wall type is important in the mobile home industry as it allows materials and production to be streamlined, allowing for lower factory overhead and cost savings for home buyers.

While many home buyers are drawn to tape and texture in their mobile home, choosing a VOG home allows their home to be affordable in their current circumstances. The great thing about VOG walls is that if a homeowner decides later, they can DIY a tape and textured home room by room or even higher out the work and have their entire home refinished when it suits their budget.

Other VOG Wall Considerations

While there are many benefits to owning a home with a VOG wall, like with anything, there are also a few other considerations you want to know.

VOG Wall with arrow pointing to batten strip
Note the batten strips. For most people, this is the biggest difference between a VOG wall and a tape-and-textured wall.

VOG walls are not seamless. The inch-wide battens used to cover seams are raised above the surface of the wall. They are wrapped in the same color and texture of vinyl as the wall panels to make them less noticeable.

A Tape-and-textured wall
This is a tape-and-textured wall from one of our Clayton Athens homes. Note how you don’t notice any seams.

If a homeowner wants a change of décor down the road, there is some prep work needed to paint VOG walls. Some VOG homeowners use a high-quality primer and paint over the battens and wall panel in place while some choose to remove the battens and do a tape-and-texture finish.

In the event damage occurs to a VOG panel there are a few options to repair it. Like flooring, VOG styles and colors can get discontinued. A homeowner with VOG walls can first contact their retailer to see if the VOG style is still available for purchase through the manufacturer.

VOG Wall by a door
VOG wall around a doorway.

If it is available, they can remove the damaged panel and install the replacement panel. If this is not an option, the homeowner can either get creative with wall coverings to hide the damaged spot or patch in drywall, mud the seams, and paint the wall or room the damage is located in.

Many folks find, however, that VOG walls are so low maintenance they wouldn’t go back to a textured and painted finish. As with everything, it’s all about budget and preference.

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