Danilo Collins
June 24, 2020

What It’s Like to Work at Braustin – An Intern’s Perspective

We asked our fabulous intern, Danilo, to share with you his experience at Braustin so far. We are thrilled to work with him over the summer and expect great things for Danilo in the future. Enjoy what he has to share.

I’ve been interning here at Braustin Homes for about a month. In that time, I’ve had the privilege to work with a great team of people that are committed to serving their customers. Braustin’s mission is to make sustainable affordable housing a reality for families across Texas. I’ve gotten a firsthand look at what it takes to make that happen, and I know that Braustin is devoted to this goal.

Even though I’m an intern with just a few weeks of experience, I already feel like a valuable part of the team. Since my first day on the job, my coworkers have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. I’ve received encouragement and compliments when I do a good job, and patience and understanding when I, inevitably, make mistakes. Everyone at Braustin is committed to helping each other improve.

In my short time here, I’ve been able to work with just about everyone in our company. From the service team, to the housing consultants, all the way up to the CEO. Everyone has helped me learn something. Our project manager taught me how to clean out our portable AC units. Our housing consultants give me tips on how to communicate with customers. Our CEO gives me insight into how our business strategy changes based on feedback from the marketplace. None of them have to do any of that. They could easily give me menial tasks to keep me occupied. Instead, they go out of their way to show me the ropes. That shows me that collaboration and constant improvement are pillars of Braustin’s company culture.

At Braustin, our goal is not just to sell homes. It sounds weird coming from a mobile home   retailer, but it’s the truth. The difference between Braustin and other mobile home dealers is that we are focused on creating the best customer experience possible. I’ve been able to contribute to that process and can confirm that this attitude is shared by everyone in the company. The project team is committed to providing high quality service, even for homes that have already been purchased. The consulting team is focused on finding the right home for every customer, not pressuring them to buy more expensive houses. The customer experience team lets families take their time examining our homes, instead of trying to rush them through the buying process. 

My experience working with customers at Braustin has already greatly impacted my personal development. I’m not a particularly extroverted person, so when I found out that a major part of my job would include talking to customers face-to-face, I was a little nervous. But that fear went away as I got to learn the Braustin system. 

I don’t have to perform an exaggerated sales routine every time someone walks through the door. All I have to do is be approachable and focus on helping our customers. Once I understood this, it relieved a lot of the pressure I normally put on myself. I’m confident in the system and in the team we have here at Braustin. That confidence allows me to be myself when I’m interacting with customers, which in turn improves my communication skills. I know those improvements will serve me well in the future, and I have the team at Braustin to thank for that.

Beyond working with a great team, getting to work closely with customers has been a valuable experience. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with customers at various points throughout the buying process. It is the most rewarding part of my job. 

I’ve seen customers’ eyes light up when they enter one of our homes. I’ve watched young kids run around gleefully as they explore their potential new play areas. I’ve heard couples’ voices grow eager as they begin planning out the set up of their new living room. Our team strives to create that excitement for every customer that comes through the door. 

The only disheartening part of my job is when I hear about customer’s experiences with other mobile home retailers. I’ve heard stories from customers who were squeezed during the buying process. In one case, a salesperson wouldn’t even tell the customer the full price of the home!

As heartbreaking as some of these stories are, I take some comfort in the fact that we are working to make these practices extinct. Braustin has set a new standard for the mobile home industry. The exceptional company culture, relentless desire to improve, and commitment to excellent customer service is what makes Braustin special. I’m so thankful to work for a company that is dedicated to truly helping people through every step of one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

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