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January 18, 2022

Why Braustin Sells Factory Direct Mobile Homes

It’s true, most of our homes are Factory Direct Mobile Homes. When you buy factory direct homes, you get to customize the home before it is ever built, and you get to skip a few steps that generally save you money.

Saving is AWESOME, you can’t beat that!

To help our readers understand why we cost less, let’s break down why you save money.

Why We Cost Less
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The Problems With “In Stock” Homes

When you buy a home that is “in stock,” you buy a home that is sits on a dealer’s lot.

The home is obviously transported once from the factory to the dealership, then the home is placed to either show to folks or setup for long term storage. When the home is purchased, the home needs to be prepped for transport, delivered to your home site, and then get permanently installed. 

This means that someone must pay for moving the home twice, setting the home twice, as well as an extra prep for transportation, and unfortunately – that person is almost always you.

Even worse, most businesses try to pass off as much of the costs as possible to the final customer.

In Texas, there is also a tax (MHIT) applied only to homes that are delivered to a dealer’s lot before getting moved to the home’s final address. While it is not a huge tax (a little over 0.2%), it does add to the cost of your home.

Often, you will also have the hidden cost of updating your home to how you would have ordered the home direct from the factory if you didn’t choose a stock home.

What do we mean by that?

For example, if you wanted linoleum throughout the house and the stock unit had a room with carpet, you either need to replace the carpet when you get the home delivered, or you need to endure the cost of thinking “I wish that room had linoleum” every time you walk in the room.

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The Benefits of a Factory Direct Home

Ordering directly from the factory will eliminate the problems and added expenses listed above.

You pay for moving the house only once and setting up the house only once. You also avoid that MHIT tax, plus the home arrives just like you want it!

Sounds like a better plan, right?

There are some additional savings to a factory direct home that come from lower costs to the mobile home dealer. When a dealership stocks a home, they either must buy the house immediately, or pay interest on a loan while the home sits on their lot.

Braustin doesn’t have to pay interest on homes that are coming direct from the factory to you!

Another cost is paying for the land which the homes sit on. If a dealership stocks a bunch of homes, they need to stick the homes somewhere, and that place is usually a large dealership lot.

Ever notice how, if you visit a mobile home dealer, they generally only show you one of the homes in front, and you never look at the dozens of homes in the back of the property? That’s because those are stock homes. Even if no one tours those homes, the homes need to be maintained, that large property needs to be maintained, and all the while, those homes are just sitting there.

Why Buy a Factory Built Mobile Home from Braustin?

We are not the only mobile home dealer to ship direct from a mobile home factory, but we have an advantage no one else has.

If you are new to Braustin, you may not know we have perfected the art of home buying while you sit on your couch in your living room. It works so well, that if you visit one of our home centers, we stuck couches in the meeting rooms.

Yeah, it’s a pretty comfortable experience, and what’s even better – you will meet your housing consultant virtually! No intimidation factors, certainly no pressure, and health/safety conscious.

Virtually? Yes, you read that correctly! Let us break it down for you.

Our housing consultants are stationed in downtown San Antonio, and you get to see their smiling face on a giant TV, even at our home centers. Why would we do that? To make a long story short, we can have fewer dealerships (lowering costs), help more people (lowering overhead), and let folks specialize in their jobs (creating efficiencies) by becoming the tech leader in mobile home dealerships!

Those cost savings add up so that when folks compare our final price with other dealerships, almost always they’ll save a lot of money with Braustin. Not only that, but the technology also allows us to provide the best customer service available – so much so that we have been one of the highest rated Clayton Independent Dealers for customer satisfaction since we opened our doors.

Another benefit of ordering your factory direct home from Braustin Homes is our “Upfront Pricing” policy.

We know very well that folks don’t like high-pressure sales or gimmicks that hide the “real” price until you are too far down the road to pull out of the agreement. That’s why we love to give you our best possible price the first time, no negotiation required. 

Want something even better? Alright, you don’t have to twist my arm!

We put the price of the home including common upgrades, air conditioning, delivery, and setup right on our website. You will have a pretty accurate home cost estimate right from our website.

Please note, the cost won’t include the cost of land, land improvements, and a few special situations we occasionally come across, but, if you are going to stick your home in a mobile home park, there is a good chance what you find on the website is what the quote will be.

Why Would Anyone Ever Buy a Stock Home?

There are a few reasons why buying a stock home makes sense.

If you need a new home fast, a stock home is likely your only option. Even the mobile home factories with the shortest lead times tend to take about 3 months between order and shipment. Many factories take even longer. If you need to move in six weeks from now, a stock home is your only option. We carry a few stock homes to help folks out when they just need a home fast.

Sometimes, you can also find a “deal of the century” with a former show model home or a stock model that proved unpopular. With some of these homes, a dealership may be anxious to part ways with the stock home, so by all means, take the deal if you love the home.

How Should I Buy a Factory Direct Home?

The easiest way to buy a factory direct home is by giving us a call to learn more. We are happy to answer any of your questions right over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call 210-510-0500

If you are not ready to give us a call, feel free to look at the factory direct mobile homes we have available so you can start dreaming about your home today.

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