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Ernest Gomez and wife

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Why Mobile Homes Were Right For Us

My wife and I bought our Single Wide about 3 years ago and we knew that as newlyweds on a single income house hold we weren’t going to get in over our heads. Getting married we knew that traveling was going to be a main focus for us and we also knew that finding a way to pay for it was the hardest part.

I’d lived in a mobile home since I was 13 and my wife grew up in a small 2/2 apartment in Moscow, Russia. I wanted to give my wife what she never had before while still having the ability to travel the country and the world. After looking into apartments and realizing that we can pay 400 a month for a shabby 1 bedroom in a sketchy neighborhood or 1000 a month in a nicer part of town knowing that we will never own the place; we came to the realization the Mobile Homes just made sense for us.

We didn’t have to put up a ridiculous down payment or have to worry about who’s going to pay closing cost. We also didn’t have to pay for a back ground check or put up any application fees/deposits. We found a home and a piece of land that was comfortable and gave me the opportunity to start giving my wife the life I feel she deserves.

Since we have bought our place we have been to Russia, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and still plan to go to the World cup in 2018. We’re about to pay off our land at the end of Jan 2017 giving us the opportunity to have more financial opportunities and decisions. We made a conscious choice to get a great home at an affordable price. My wife had never lived in a Mobile Home before and loves our home more and more every day.

Ernest and Liza Gomez


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