Sanchez family at the entrance of their mobile home
April 15, 2022

Why the Sanchez Family Bought a Mobile Home with Braustin

At Braustin Homes, our favorite part of being the first online mobile home dealership is working with families to make their dreams a reality. Recently, we had the pleasure of helping the Sanchez family find the perfect manufactured home for their needs. They were gracious enough to share their story with us. 

Why They Chose a Manufactured Home

Before finding their mobile home, the Sanchez family rented their house from family members. When they decided it was time for their own place, they invested in land on which to build their dream home. 

When it became time to choose between a stick-built home and a manufactured home, Steve asked all the right questions. With his background in construction, he was able to see for himself that our manufactured homes are made of high-quality materials with skilled craftsmanship. When compared to the high cost of site-built homes, choosing a manufactured home was a “no-brainer” for this family. 

Why They Chose Braustin Mobile Homes 

As Steve looked around at other mobile home dealerships, there was a big difference in his experience with Braustin compared to other companies. Rather than focusing on money, our Housing Consultant asked him about what his family’s needs and desires were when it came to their new home. We didn’t pressure them to make a purchase. 

At Braustin, we genuinely want to help every family find affordable housing because we know the positive impact it has on people in our community like the Sanchez family. We don’t want to pressure anyone into spending their hard-earned money that could be used to better serve their family. We focus on helping families, not making sales. 

Their Mobile Home Gave Them More Stability 

Since moving into their new home, the Sanchez family has been enjoying their American dream come true. The stability and security provided by owning their own home have positively impacted their daughter. The Sanchez family is exactly why we do the work that we do. We are passionate about helping people access affordable housing so that they can provide for their families the way Steve has. 

Your Dream Home Can Be Your Reality

If you are looking for high-quality housing at an affordable rate, a manufactured home may be right for you too. Regardless of what you choose to do, we would love to help you make an informed decision. Reach out to one of our Housing Consultants to learn more about the manufactured home buying process and what Braustin can do for you.

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