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EPISODE 18: Home Buying Process – What to Expect from Closing to Move In

Episode 18: Transcript

Mouse Trap: Alright, alright! Welcome back to another episode of Double Wide Dudes. This one is going to be the last one on the home buying process. In this series, we’ve tried to cover everything from start to finish AP. I know in one of the earlier episodes we were talking about the importance of the construction process, and really hit home on that.

AP: Yeah. We spent a lot of time talking about those energy efficient upgrades. We decided at Braustin Homes, we didn’t just want to stop there so again we partnered up with White Cloud Media Group and we are going to be using what they call a FLIR camera forward looking infrared, to show folks how much of this AC during the summer escapes some of these older models or even newer models without this energy efficient option package. Then show them our office with the actual energy star package in there and hopefully be able to show them the difference with the air escaping in one and not in the other.
Mouse Trap: Yeah. It going to be good visual for people to actually see what we have been talking about. In the last episode, we talked about choosing a retailer and moving along with closing. But now that closing is finished the project really now begins.
AP: Yeah and this is where my side of the operation really kicks into gear. This is the part where we order the home. And we really want to stress that spec sheet you keep talking about because that’s basically a menu. That’s our receipt from the waiter if you will going back to the kitchen and when we hand that off to the factory, they’re going to build it the exact way that our company and our customers drew that up. We hand that off to the factory they get to building and there’s what they call off line. That’s how long it’s going to take to actually get the home in line and be built. It could be two weeks it could be four. Right now the off lines are huge in the industry. You know two, three months. Luckily for our customers we have build spots stacked all the way through the rest of the year where we pre-order these houses. But you kind of need that time as well because this is where the construction gets going. The base pads, the utilities. Whatever was on that order, when you signed your final purchase agreement.
Mousetrap: So once all that is done, you’re going to get, the site works finished, the homes ready to go and it comes down for delivery day. What can we expect?
AP: Well, we always want to make sure we are setting the proper expectations. Not only for our company Mouse Trap, but for the industry as a whole. It’s important on the customers’ side of things, to understand that there’s a difference between what they are going to call this industry offline day and the actual day the home is going to be delivered. Sometimes, one or two day window there, but what’s happening, I think as a potential home buyer it’s really cool to know, your home is actually being put through a series of inspections at the factory. If it’s a double wide, they’re actually putting the sides up together, testing the water, testing the electric, all that good stuff. If it’s a single section then they are still doing the same tests on water, electric and all that. To do as much as they can on their end, to make sure that when that home shows up at your property, it’s in good working order and ready to go. So after all that’s done, is the actual delivery part of this process.
Mouse Trap: Yeah. It’s important to throw in there, knowing the time frame on when you actually get your keys to move in. One thing you’re going to want to do, is definitely be there when the home gets delivered. That way you can get the house pack from the driver, that’s going to have your keys. And side note, don’t use those until they are done trimming out the home, setting it and all that because the service team has the master key and they’re going to walk in and out. But know there are different teams for every part of the project
AP: Yeah and it’s important to realize, if you’re listening to this, that not all of this is going to happen that same day. Like you were saying Mouse Trap, it’s several teams. You have the delivery team – day one, you have the team that’s going to come block it, tie it down and level it. Usually one to three days after it gets delivered. You have the interior finish out crew, that trim out crew that is going to come once the home is blocked and leveled and make sure the inside looks all put together and looks nice when it comes time to move in.
Mouse Trap: Once all that is done you’re ready to go.
AP: Well, almost. you still have to get your AC especially down here in South Texas. And that just comes with getting all your utilities, your water, your sewer, your electric all hooked up to the home. If you are doing it right, at this point that should all be done. At the bear minimum, you should have a solid plan in place and probably be working on it by the time your home comes time for delivery. But, once the electric is on, AC disconnect box is on the house, we can get that AC unit there hooked up and then the last part, is service.
I know on your end you spend a lot of time getting pictures and a list from the customer, really to go that extra step to make sure these home buyers are happy with their finished product. Why don’t you elaborate on that just a little bit more?
Mousetrap: It’s important to keep in mind, that it’s still a construction site, when the home gets delivered. Don’t freak out when you walk in the house and trim or counter space or something that looks off because the service team is going to do a cosmetic walk through and fix all that. But, it’s important to keep in mind that the factory only does one, so you have to make sure you catch everything, before they come there.
AP: Yes. It’s funny you mention that. I was talking to Leroy today, because we are still working on his list and he is pretty sure he has everything down. He has the pictures, he made the list like we had talked about and you could tell that there is just some hesitation. Do I turn it in because I know I only get one? I told him, it’s kind of like cooking popcorn in the microwave, you keep cooking it until you don’t hear anymore kernels popping. I said Leroy, once you and Michelle go a day or two without finding some little cosmetic defect that you want to fix then, you’re ready to turn your list in.
Mousetrap: When there is nothing left, then you know it’s time to turn it in.
AP: But, I definitely suggest living in that home at least for a week or two before you turn that list in. That way you make sure you catch it all at once
Mouse Trap: Well, I think that wraps it up for the home buying process, AP
AP: Covered a lot.
Mouse Trap: We did, and there’s a lot to making that initial decision to get out of your current living situation and get into your own mobile home. I think we did a good job of detailing and breaking it down, for potential home owners?
AP: Yes, and as always if they have questions. Don’t be shy. We don’t charge by the question, so definitely give us a call and ask anything that comes to mind. We want to make sure that you as a potential home buyer are making the right decision, for you.
Mouse Trap: Absolutely guys. Well thanks for tuning into this episode in the series. We have a real special episode coming up on the next one. We are going to get out in the field and get our hands dirty, and talk to some home owners and have them give their accounts on how the home buying process went for them. Then give you some insight and some advice on what to look out for.
AP: Yes, really looking forward to that one.
Mouse Trap: Yes sir. Well, thanks again for listening you guys and we’ll talk to you in the next one.